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myWLV Updates

We are constantly working to improve myWLV based on your feedback. On this page you can find details of all the changes and new features we have released.

You can influence future releases by giving us feedback and suggesting new features.

10th May 2018

  • New e:Vision Helpdesk tile - Contact your Faculty Student Services.

14th August 2017

  • Canvas integration - myWLV now lists all your Canvas courses in the Modules & Courses tiles, as well as pulling any calendar events into your myWLV calendar.
  • New Careers tiles - quick access to all the facilities from Careers, Enterprise & The Workplace.
  • Improved news feeds - new student news feed as the default, with news and events that are more relevant to you. Researchers get an additional news feed focusing on research news.
  • New researcher bookmarks - useful sites and resources for researchers.

1st September 2016

  • myWLV is now available to research students
  • New Canvas tile - easy access to Canvas for early adopters
  • New Skills for Learning tile - find guides, workshops and support from the LIS Skills for Learning team
  • Updated Library Catalogue tile - now also gives you quick access to the subject resources pages
  • Improvement to assessment deadlines - no longer shows incorrect overdue assessments, only upcoming deadlines. Assessments with mitigating circumstances will be labelled

23rd March 2016

  • Single sign on to E:vision - no need to log in to E:vision any more when accessing it from myWLV
  • New feedback tile - use this form to let us know how we are doing, and to suggest new features
  • New WOLF Topics tile - see all your subscribed WOLF topics in myWLV, with easy access to all of them
  • New My Grades tile - direct link to see your current grades on E:vision
  • New bookmark to Skills for Learning - find guides, workshops and support from the LIS SKills for Learning team
  • Removed PebblePad tile from mobile view - PebblePad does not function on phones because it uses Flash technology
  • New tile layout - we have put the most used tiles near the top for easy access and grouped similar tiles together
  • New style - we have removed the gradient on the tiles by default for a more modern, cleaner look

If you don't like the new layout or default style, you can personalise your dashboard to make it look exactly how you want.

If you have already personalised it, but your layout looks a bit different after this release, you can reset it back to the default layout.

For details of how to personalise and reset the dashboard, see the general FAQ.