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Network Services

IT Services provide network services for the University as a whole and also by agreement for University faculties and service departments.

These services are provided, hosted and supported by IT Services to enable the University network to function. They include:

  • Authentication services
  • Network Directory Services (e.g. Domain Name Service (DNS) for the domain of the Internet and Microsoft Active Directory which holds information about the University network as a whole)
  • Allocation of network addresses to PCs, servers and other IT equipment
  • Networked Printer Support
  • Wired and wireless network connectivity using IP (v4). Wireless is provided in teaching and staff office areas, in social spaces and libraries


Microsoft Exchange is used to provide an email and calendar service for all staff. Most staff are currently using Exchange 2010, with a planned upgrade to Office 365 for all staff by 2020.


Student email is provisioned using Microsoft’s Office365 cloud service, with every student being given a University email address. This cloud service can be accessed from any device that is connected to the Internet.

All incoming and outgoing staff and student email is routed through a virus scanning service and a Spam Identification Service.

All staff and students have an allocation of space to store their own information and personal web sites on central servers. This information can be accessed from any University PC and from the Internet. For students and staff using any standard Windows PC in the University this space is their “My Documents” folder. It can be accessed from University wireless networks and from PCs with broadband access to the Internet by “Web drive” software or from any PC on the Internet with FTP (file transfer protocol).

The allocation of space is 4000mb (4GB) for staff and 1000mb (1GB) for students.

More information about using your Personal File Store.

IT Services hosts a number of servers supporting University administrative and academic functions. These include, but are not limited to, the virtual learning environments (Canvas), e-Portfolio (PebblePad), student management system (SITS), timetabling (CMIS), finance, payroll and HR (Agresso), library systems (Alma), IT service desk (ServiceNow) and a number of Faculty and Service Department servers. The level of support provided is by agreement with the system owner.

Corporate business systems, E-mail and Personal Storage servers are backed up daily Monday to Friday. A two week cycle of backup tapes is maintained. In the event of system malfunction it is possible to restore databases to their position on any specific day in the previous fortnight.

IT Services DO NOT offer a recovery service for individual user files. It is your responsibility to backup your own personal files and keep your backups secure. Most standard University PCs can support USB memory drives and most have a DVD or CD-writer.

See more advice on saving your files.