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Email & Online Services

Get Help with using email in the Self Help section.

Email Services

Staff Only  - if asked, enter your email username and password, and the Domain = UNV.

Other Online Services

Spam Identification Service

Spam is unsolicited email, some of which is offensive, and all of which wastes your time and clogs up your Inbox.

All email entering the University is scanned by a third-party, iCritical Ltd. This uses a system of scoring based on blacklists of known spammers and content analysis. Messages from known spammers are refused, while those which appear to be spam based on content are quarantined.

Any messages that have been identified as spam are listed in an email that is sent to you a maximum of four times a day. The subject of the email reads iCritical Spam Report followed by the date/time. If you want any of these messages delivered to your Inbox, simply click on the link next to them to release them from quarantine. Each spam report email lists messages received since the last report was sent to you.

Emails identified as spam are kept in quarantine for sixty days and then deleted.

Visit our Self-Help webpages for more help and advice on Dealing with Messages identified as Spam.