Second Line Support

A large number of the calls that you make to the Service Desk but which cannot be resolved for you whilst you are on the telephone are passed over to our team. We’ll contact you to check that we correctly understand your needs and will either arrange to come and see you or help you by connecting remotely to your pc.

Our standard service level is to get your issue sorted out within three working days but we try our best to beat this. You can help us by being available for the agreed visit time or by letting us know if you can’t be.

We resolve an average of 600 calls per month that come to us from the Service desk, but we also contribute to many university wide projects such as Windows 7 for staff and working with our colleagues in technical services over the summer period to ensure that students and academic colleagues have the hardware and software they need for teaching and learning.

We spread ourselves about covering all the campuses including Burton and the Science Park so you may be more familiar with some members of the team more than others.

What we do

Although the main focus of our work is to help you get best use from the technology available to you at the University and to get it working again when it’s not we also contribute to many of the activities and projects that go on all year round to deliver new technologies and services to you.

With our colleagues on the Service Desk we provide a Class in Progress service so that if something goes wrong with the technology when you are teaching or presenting you can call us on a priority line and we’ll get out to you as quickly as we can.

We are usually on-hand ready to provide assistance with technology during high profile speaker events, some conference activity, the VC’s Open Staff meetings as well as being at University Open Days. This year, with our colleagues from the Service Desk, we also helped out in the Enrolment venues at City North, South and Walsall helping students to make sure they could access all the systems and information they need for their study.

Summer work for the 2nd Line Team

Each summer the 2nd Line Support team are very busy working with other colleagues in IT Services to make sure that that IT is ready for teaching to start in the new academic year. Here are some of the projects we have worked on this year:

  1. Software Images Development & Software Testing
    When you use a PC in the open spaces across the University be it either in the Learning Centres’, Starbucks coffee areas or indeed in spaces of academic study i.e MI Building (on City Campus South) a suite of software (software portfolio) is available for you to use. During the summer months we work with our colleagues in our Technical Services Team to develop the software portfolios for Academic Schools. This is a significant piece of work during the summer which also means that we tend to set-up camp in the Mac Lab in MI building.

    Once the portfolios are completed some preliminary testing is undertaken. However, what we are really interested in is what our Academic colleagues say. So in conjunction with Academic staff we work on testing the applications to ensure that all is working as it should be ready for teaching.
  2. Deployment
    Once the software portfolios are signed off and considered fully tested they need to be deployed to the PCs across the whole University. This is where we come in, which is good, as this means we‘ve been part of the whole process! This is a large piece of work as each PC has to be visited for the installation of the new software portfolio to take place.
  3. Staff Moves
    Preparing for the demolition of an existing building means that staff must move to another location. This summer in the 2nd Line team we have been involved in moving a number of staff out of the old MB Building so that construction work can begin on the new Science Building. We disconnect staff from the network in the existing location on a specific date but also, in the background, work with colleagues to ensure that there is sufficient network capacity in the new location to ensure that those moving have as short a down-time as possible. Moving staff with as little disruption as possible, means that we have to work hand in hand with other departments across the University.
  4. Clearing
    Clearing is a key activity for the University which for prospective students begins after they have received their A Level results. However, for those involved, it begins much earlier in the year! This involves setting up an appropriate space with PCs, phones and printers so that our colleagues in Registry and the Faculties can recruit new students to the University.

  5. Enrolment
    Once you’ve said you’re coming to study with us we need to get you enrolled on a course if you haven’t done so in advance. That means that some of our spaces are modified a little to ensure that the Enrolment process is swift and runs as smoothly as possible. Did you see the iPad kiosks installed for students to use as part of the enrolment process?

    Student Support : At enrolment we were also on hand to provide immediate IT support to new and returning students.

  6. Windows 7
    Whilst all our student PCs are running Windows 7 not all staff in the University are using Windows 7. This big on-going project will change this. Our team are the people who visit you and upgrade your PC at your desk.