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Digital Services Teams

The staff who provide the University's IT services and facilities are organised in a number of teams under the leadership of a member of IT Services Senior Management Team as follows:

This portfolio includes the Service Desk and Second Line support teams, information about each of these teams is below. We also have responsibility for maintaining and improving customer service:

  • customer service, in regard to IT Services, deals with the experience that staff and students have when dealing with IT Services staff
  • we aim to achieve excellent customer service, including good performance against service levels, clear and prompt communication with staff and students, and courteous and helpful attitudes from all our team members across the department
  • any feedback from staff and students will be responded to appropriately and will be used to identify improvements to services across IT Services

First Line Support

The initial point of contact for staff and students requesting advice and/or support is our friendly and award winning Service Desk team, who can be reached on ext. 2000 from any internal University telephone, externally on 01902-322000 and also by email to The service is available between 8am and 7pm during term-time and 8am to 5pm during vacations. Additional support for students is available in Learning Centre's and the MI Helpdesk in MI101.

Second Line Support

The Second Line Support team provide day-to-day operational support for many aspects of our IT services. As well as support and installation for standard computer hardware and software, they can also help you with University telephones and most teaching technology in classrooms. They can also assist if you are moving locations and can provide advice on purchasing University IT equipment and software. They cover all campuses, including Burton and the Science Park.

Third Line Support

Third Line Support staff are responsible for analysing and resolving more complex technical issues that have been escalated to them by the Second Line Support Team. They work proactively to improve ICT services.

We are a specialist team focusing on new developments and innovation in Information Technology. Our current strategic aims are:

  • to continue development of an efficient and cost effective IT network, including telephony, which meets current and future needs of the University
  • to grasp new opportunities offered by IT developments to improve services to the University community and the effectiveness of internal processes
  • to support the development of IT in Learning and Teaching across the University to deliver effective, enjoyable learning experiences
  • to identify, recommend, and develop software, hardware and network standards to build an up-to-date, coherent University wide IT Infrastructure

Responsible for the liaison between IT Services and Academic staff and students, including provisioning IT equipment, classroom teaching technology, support for Technology Supported Learning, training, information and communication.

ICT Training and Information for the University community is delivered through this portfolio. Training and Information resources are both sourced and developed in-house to cover the full range of software, hardware and services provided by the department to the University community. Resources range from self-paced, online, interactive study materials to in-person, face-to-face training courses, to information based web materials, covering personal interest to business critical needs to professional qualifications. Working in close partnership with the Staff Development Unit, we ensure that all University staff and students have access to all the information and training they need.

Roles and responsibilities of this team include:

  • financial planning and management
  • staffing and establishment
  • governance, procedures and policies
  • coordinating responses to audit compliance
  • service and workload planning
  • PC replacement
  • an IT Security Coordinator, responsible for IT security policy, procedures, promotion and awareness
  • an IT Asset Manager responsible for IT assets, with an emphasis on software licensing
  • an ITS Admin Support Team providing both inward and outward-looking services including IT and telecoms ordering, IT account administration and support for budget analysis and planning

Schedule of the most commonly-requested services provided by the ITS Admin Support Team

Please help us to help you by planning your requirements in advance as per the published schedule and timescales. Urgent needs outside of these will be handled on a best-efforts basis.

General Enquiries Daily up to 13:00
IT Ordering Daily PM for orders submitted up to 13:00 on the same day
IT Account Closures Monday AM for notifications received by 09:00 on Monday
IT Account creation Tuesday PM and Thursday PM where completed and authorised paperwork is received by 13:00 on that day
Mobile Phone Orders Wednesday PM and Friday PM for orders received up by 13:00 on that day
Mobile Phone Handovers Tuesday AM and Thursday AM by prior appointment
Stationery Orders Friday PM
Service Desk Calls as required in combination with this schedule

Members of this team can be contacted by email: or by logging a call with the Service Desk on extn 2000.

We provide consultancy, analysis and specialist knowledge and resource for University Information Systems projects and developments.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Business process review, redesign and documentation
  • Requirements gathering and analysis
  • Business analysis
  • Business case development
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Data structures and systems interoperability
  • Business Intelligence, management information and reporting
  • Project management and project support
  • Web-based systems