Manolie Cottin from France

BA (Hons) English for International Business Communication

Student from France“Last year I was at university in France and they asked whether we would like to do our third year abroad. I wanted to improve my English, so I decided to come to the University of Wolverhampton. At first it was hard to understand the teachers and other students, but by practising the language it is becoming easier, so now I can easily communicate with my friends and I am even not afraid to write an essay in English.

“This year is my first study trip, and I love it! It is very useful for the people experience and for the language. I like the fact that there are many foreign students, I have met Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Cypriot, English... I think that if you want to go abroad, you need to be sociable, but you will also become more sociable. I live in a proper English house with four housemates, the atmosphere is good, but maybe I have met fewer students than living in Halls of Residence.

“I heard about the city before I came, thanks to a friend who was here last year, so I had an idea about what it was like. I was not totally wrong, it is a small city but there are many students, good pubs and you can easily take the train to visit other nice places (Ironbridge, Birmingham, Manchester, London…)

“I feel more confident than before, I have learned a lot of things and I must fend for myself, so I feel more mature. For the future, I know that English is a very important language in the world of work, so I think it is an advantage to speak English, and hope it will be easier to fi nd a job.”