Anna Szymanowska from Poland

BA (Hons) Media and Communication Studies

Student from Poland"I am studying a full-time undergraduate course in Media and Communications Studies which I expect to complete by 2010. I opted for the University of Wolverhampton because they were willing to assess my English independently that meant that it was not necessary for me to take the IELTS exam.

"I have moved into University Halls and I feel comfortable staying in the city. I also found Welcome Week very useful, the staff helped me with sorting out my enrolment a lot.

"The teaching hours on my course vary from module to module, I suppose at this level the emphasis is on me developing more self-directed study. The video module I studied was very practical and there are many opportunities to use the University’s media equipment. In addition, I have taken up a free language module and am currently I’m learning Spanish.

"The University is well equipped. The students have access to computers, camcorders, voice recorders without any problem. I have recently started to run my own radio show, reporting on student safety at Kic.FM based within the University.

"I found a chance to get some work experience on my own… and I’ve also done some volunteering. Furthermore, in my first year I worked at the Light House Media Centre helping to organise the Flip Animation Festival.

"In addition, I’ve entered a competition with the option to win a one month placement at the BBC – fingers crossed!

"I found living in Halls of Residence very pleasant and comfortable. It is a great place to meet new people and start friendships. There are always some people keen to go out for a party or to exchange their cultural experiences.

"In the UK, I have found some attractive places to visit i.e. Oxford.

"During my time here I have become more independent and self-confident. I also hope that studying at a British University will help me to find a good job abroad."