Who to Contact

Before you arrive in the UK

If you have any questions or require assistance with your visa application or preparing for your interview, please contact -

During your stay in the UK

If you have any questions or require support or advice about any visa or immigration issues, please contact -

Neelam Rani
Visa & Immigration Support Officers
Student Centre North
MX Building, City Campus
01902 32 2545

Please note: the University is not in a position to support or advise students who have over-stayed their visa. 

If you want to talk to an advisor in confidence you can also go to the Advice and Support Centre in the Students’ Union. The Students’ Union cannot provide immigration advice but it may be able to support you with non-immigration related issues. The Students' Union does not have the same responsibilities to the Home Office as the University and can provide impartial and confidential advice.

Advice and Support Centre
Students’ Union
MD Building, City Campus and WS Building, Walsall Campus
01902 322038 

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