Insurance and Registering with a Doctor

You are strongly advised to insure valuable belongings against theft, loss or damage and to register with a doctor.

Car insurance is compulsory and it is a criminal offence to drive without proper insurance. You will be able to obtain advice about insurance from the Students’ Union on arrival, but you may wish to consider arranging travel insurance before departure.

Medical insurance

You must have valid medical insurance in your home country and we recommend that you contact your own health insurer for further advice before coming to the UK.

As long as you are enrolled on a course lasting for more than 6 months, you will be entitled to free National Health Service (NHS) treatment in the UK. You will need to be registered with a local doctor in order to receive NHS treatment. Please be aware that there is a charge for prescribed medicine and some services such as dentists and opticians. The current prescription charge is £8.60 per item.

It may be possible to get a reduction for some medical costs by completing a HC1 form. The Students’ Union will be able to give you more information when you have enrolled.

EU / EEA nationals carrying one of the new ‘European Health Insurance Cards’ (EHIC) are also entitled to free National Health Service (NHS) General Practitioner (GP) treatment.

Non-EU students who enrol on courses lasting less than 6 months will not be able to register with a doctor. Please ask at the Students’ Union for more advice.

Registering with a doctor (GP)

Throughout your studies you might need to see a doctor, usually known as a General Practitioner, or GP, in the UK. You will not be able to register with a doctor until you are enrolled at the University of Wolverhampton, as you will need proof of your student status and your local address.

Once you are fully enrolled you can go to the following website and put your postcode in to find your nearest Doctors that will accept new patients:

More information will be available during orientation or from the International Office.