Liverpool was European Capital of Culture in 2008.

Saturday 18 November 2017
Saturday 10 March 2018
Ticket price: £15.00 per person


Walsall Campus                            7.45am
Randall Lines                                8.30am
Telford Campus                            9.15am

Departing Liverpool

Albert Dock Coach Park                5.00pm

Liverpool is best known as the home of the Beatles and is also famous for its two premier football clubs, Liverpool and Everton – you can tour both stadia for a behind-the- scenes view of the ‘beautiful game.’  

But there is much more: Liverpool is a city with a wealth of places to visit.  It has got more listed (ie. protected) buildings than any other city outside London and the city centre is a World Heritage Site.

Once the second city of the British Empire, it provided the gateway to Britain and a window to the rest of the world, resulting in the vibrant, international city it is today. Maritime heritage provides a rich thread through the city today, from the Three Graces on the Waterfront to the Albert Dock, home of the Merseyside Maritime Museum.

Evidence of its rich history can be found everywhere, but particularly in some of the spectacular buildings and architecture. There is something for everybody: galleries, museums, theatres, restaurants and bars as well as excellent shopping outlets.

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