Saturday 24 March 2018
Ticket price: £20.00 per person


Telford Campus                            7.15am
Randall Lines                                8.00am
Walsall Campus                            8.45am

Departing Cambridge

Chesterton Road                          5.30pm

Cambridge was important long before the university existed. In the first century BC, an Iron Age tribe built a settlement on what is now Castle Hill and around AD40 the Romans took over the site and it became the crossing point for the Via Devana which linked Colchester with the legions in Lincoln and beyond.


The first scholars did not arrive in Cambridge until 1209 and another 75 years passed before Peterhouse, the first college, was founded. There are now 31 colleges; the latest being Robinson College founded in 1977 by a local millionaire.

It is a bustling city of over 109,000 people with many good shops and exciting festivals each summer. The colleges contain the great architectural treasures of Cambridge. Founded by kings, queens, bishops, nobles, guilds and rich widows, they attracted large amounts of money. Such wealth allowed the colleges to use the best architects to create beautiful buildings that perfectly reflect 700 years of British architectural heritage.