International Fair 2015

International Fair 2015

What a wonderfull day we had!

The International Fair 2015 took place on 24 April 2015 from 11am-3pm at the Wolverhampton City Campus in the main quadrant.  This annual event was to celebrate internationalisation within the University of Wolverhampton.  The Fair was a celebration of different cultures featuring music, dance and traditional food from fifteen different countries:

Brazil | Cameroon | China | Cyprus | Dominican Republic | France | India

Italy | Mexico | Morocco | Nigeria | Romania | Spain | UK | Zimbabwe

The International Fair brought together University staff and students to celebrate the diversity of cultures in the University, showcasing arts, customs and traditions.

The University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Geoff Layer, and the Mayor and Mayoress of Wolverhampton officially opened the event.

The festival enabled visitors to try dishes from different cuisines, learn more about other cultures and customs and take part in fun workshops as part of a day celebrating diversity, heritage and multiculturalism.

We have been asked by our students if we can have one every month!

Many thanks go all our stall holders, dancers and staff who all worked very hard to make this event successful.