Our staff

The International Academy at the University of Wolverhampton has many qualified and experienced teachers and teacher trainers who are looking forward to working with you in the near future.

NameJob Title Room No.Ext.Email
Angela Molinari Acting Principal SH107 2546 A.Molinari@wlv.ac.uk


Academic Staff

NameJob TitleRoom No. Ext.Email
Kimberly Anstey

S/Lecturer in English as a Foreign Language

SH109A 1482 k.anstey@wlv.ac.uk
Carol Bailey

Senior Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes

MH008 3395 c.bailey@wlv.ac.uk
Sarah Girling  Visiting Lecturer MH008 3516 s.girling@wlv.ac.uk
Rachel Henley Business Development Manager & Project Manager SH109 8966 rachel.henley@wlv.ac.uk
Julie Humble Senior Lecturer in English and Foreign Language SH109 1428 julie.humble@wlv.ac.uk
Cecilia Jones Visiting Lecturer SH114 1561 c.b.jones@wlv.ac.uk
Nathan Lomax Visiting Lecturer SH113 2525 nathan.lomax@wlv.ac.uk
Jose Martinez Languages Co-ordinator MH008 2472 jose.martinez@wlv.ac.uk
Hildegard Norton-Uhl International Business Communication Course Leader MH008 2454 h.norton-uhl@wlv.ac.uk
Anastasia Novoselova Visiting Lecturer SH113 2525 anastasia.novoselova@wlv.ac.uk
Gill Outterside  Pre-sessional Course Leader SH109 2354 g.outterside@wlv.ac.uk
Dilwyn Owen Visiting Lecturer SH111 2525 Dilwyn.Owen@wlv.ac.uk
Louise Russell Visiting Lecturer SH111/M150 2525 l.russell@wlv.ac.uk
Tony Shannon-Little Faculty PL for Employability & Lecturer in IBC & TESOL SH109 2552 a.shannon-little@wlv.ac.uk
Adam Yardley  Short Course Leader SH109 3370



Administrative Staff

NameJob TitleRoom No.Ext.Email
Jo Fletcher Marketing Administrator SH101  2521 j.fletcher2@wlv.ac.uk
Amanda Giles PA Support Administrator SH106  2503 amandasgiles@wlv.ac.uk
Jules Knight Academic Support Administrator SH101  2531


Lesley Radford Finance Administrator SH106  2313