Move to the Beat

This workshop will provide a fascinating insight into contemporary and classical music in the UK and provide an opportunity to explore the influence that other cultures and backgrounds   have upon both modern and historical musical tastes. Current musical preferences and patterns in the UK have been widely influenced by African, Asian and American music. This workshop will look at musical influences throughout the ages and how ‘traditional’ song and dance has become increasingly multicultural due to the globalisation of the music industry.

This workshop will invite participants to research the music of their own country and share examples of how the music they hear has changed over the years. This will encourage participants to gather information on their musical heritage and share this with others on the course.

Throughout the week, participants will take place in a number of music workshops including drumming techniques from across the world, stringed instruments and their use in contemporary and classical music, post-modern music making techniques and a dance session based on rhythm and beat (with an ethnic twist). Workshops will be delivered by experts such as the Midlands Music Academy, Triple M dance Academy and Wednesfield School of Music, to name a few.

Participants will experience musical examples and instrumental techniques typical of a range of countries, both from the past and the present time. They will have the opportunity to investigate, compare and contrast the music of their own native country with that of other participants. By engaging with new techniques alongside other participants, those attending the workshop will be able to share the experience, discuss ideas and hopefully gain an appreciation for the music of other cultures.

The workshop will also provide cultural visits to places of interest and importance, such the Symphony Hall in Birmingham and the Civic Hall in Stratford Upon Avon allowing participants the opportunity to explore the musical and cultural history of the area.

  • Start date: 18 March 2012
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Project number: 2011-1-GB2-GRU13-05324

Read Move to the Beat press releases (PDF).

Wolverhampton Team

Rachel Henley