ELVETE - Employer-Led Vocational Education and Training in Europe

Project Details

Employer-Led Vocational Education and Training in Europe (ELVETE) is a network of 12 European partners, aiming to improve Vocational Education and Training by focusing training more on the skills which employers need from students who are graduating from the 14-19 sector.

The proposed network will draw together existing good practice in participating countries, as well as national and EU policy frameworks and evidence of effective employer-driven curriculum development. Through this, a quality-assured (through employer leadership) system for the development of VET for 14 -19 year olds can be designed. The system will provide standardised guidance for the engagement of employers in curriculum development and thus allow for variations in different countries, just as the national qualification frameworks do in relation to the European Qualifications Framework.

Within the ELVETE network we have identified a problem with the current VET system: a mismatch between skills needed by employers, i.e. vocational education and training (VET) demand, and what is offered by VET providers, i.e. supply.

Our solution comes in four stages:

  • Identify best practice cases where employers and VET education providers are working together to create students who graduate with the right skills to go into work.
  • Use this information to create guidelines for a draft IT curriculum and suggestions for how other people can create their own curriculum.
  • Test our suggestions on VET students at HTL Mödling and Walsall College.
  • Use VET students’ feedback to inform our final recommendations to policy makers.


More information

Start date: 1 January 2014
Duration: 36 months
Project website: http://elvete.eu/
Project number: 539154-LLP-1-2013-1-UK-LEONARDO-LNW

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