Past projects

Lifelong Learning Programme KA2 - LiMe

A project to show teachers how they can involve multimedia as teaching tools in their lessons with migrant learners.

Leonardo multilateral network - ELVETE

A network of 12 European partners, aiming to improve Vocational Education and Training by focusing training more on the skills which employers need from students who are graduating from the 14-19 sector.
The ELVETE Final Multiplier Conference, took place in Brussels on the 29th November 2016. To find out more please contact R.Henley, Business Development & Project Manager, email

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for VET - VET4Start-Up

In the field of Vocational Education and Training (VET), previous projects have identified a lack of anticipation of skill requirements and formative routes for new entrepreneurs. VET4Start-Up seeks to address this problem through a European strategic partnership that will encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for VET - App.T

App.T aims to create an app to support target groups who are likely to be less attractive to employers in the current EU economy and therefore be unemployed, and their trainers. It will contain interactive training content which focuses on developing business start-up skills based on the principles of social enterprise. Users will develop soft skills and work preparation skills to ultimately increase their employability and access to the labour market.

Grundtvig Learner Workshop - TAALC

A workshop enabling participants to raise their awareness of the link between literacy and social inclusion across Europe, and the benefits of promoting a literate society.

Leonardo Partnership - PLAS

The goal of the project is to come up with a series of suggestions for raising the quality, popularity and awareness of retrainings, lifelong learning and further professional education among the employees aged over 50. This objective will be achieved through the exchange of experience and know-how among the project partners by mutual visits and web-based meetings.

Leonardo Transfer of Innovation - Going Places

Going Places with Languages in Europe is a language learning project funded with the support of the European Commission in the context of vocational education.

Grundtvig Learner Workshop - Through the Looking Glass

A workshop enabling participants to learn about the history of the Black Country and, more widely, the West Midlands.

Lifelong Learning Project KA2 - iSPY

The ISPY project is a Key Activity 2 Languages Multilateral Project, financially supported by the Lifelong Learning programme. The project aims to develop a new online networking platform to help young adults across Europe learn a new language. This platform is to be developed by the University of Wolverhampton (UK) in collaboration with institutions from 5 other countries in Europe.

Grundtvig Learner Workshop - Move to the Beat!

This workshop provided a fascinating insight into contemporary and classical music in the UK and an opportunity to explore the influence that other cultures and backgrounds have upon both modern and historical musical tastes. Current musical preferences and patterns in the UK have been widely influenced by African, Asian and American music. This workshop looked at musical influences throughout the ages and how ‘traditional’ song and dance has become increasingly multicultural due to the globalisation of the music industry.

Grundtvig Learner Workshop - European Treasure Hunt: Discovering cultural heritage through arts and crafts

This workshop provided a full week of interactive education on arts and crafts as a vehicle for discovering and sharing cultural heritage. In particular, it provided a fascinating insight into the cultural heritage of the West Midlands and presented a wonderful opportunity to explore and reflect upon the culture and history of all participants.

Grundtvig Partnership - ATLAs – Approaches to Teaching Languages to Adults

Grundtvig Exchange - 3rd European Conference on Grundtvig In-service Training

Grundtvig Partnership - Art as the identity of a country and as a universal pattern which all the European countries can share


LiMe - Languages in Media

Project Details

This project uses media to tackle teaching and learning of languages and culture. It stems from a shared understanding that in order to fully integrate, migrants must feel part of the community in which they live. LiMe will help migrants to develop language and cultural competences by providing them with tools to decode the language and culture portrayed in the multimedia environment around them.


Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V, Germany (Lead partner)

University of Łódz, Poland

University of Extremadura, Spain

University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Language Education and Partnerships Ltd, United Kingdom

For more information please contact

Angela Molinari,

Rachel Henley,