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European continuing professional development

The International Academy (along with other university departments) offers week-long immersion training courses in a variety of subjects relating to teaching and school development, and institutions which meet the relevant criteria can apply for Erasmus+ funding under the Key Action 1 programme to cover the cost of these workshops.

Assess Well

The International Academy has teamed up with partner organisations across Europe to develop a new programme called Assess Well.  It targets people in the wellness sector who do not have English as a first language. Find out more

Assess well

Assess Well is an exciting project developed by 5 partners from Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK and will develop a new innovative vocational curriculum to help people working in the wellness sector, for example Spa Management, Spa Hygiene, Care Cosmetics etc to learn the technical English required for their vocation.

The curriculum will include videos and learning exercises based around the four language skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking.  It will be structured into 7 different units, some of which will be mandatory for everyone undertaking the course, and some will be optional.

The units are:Hygiene, equipment & risk prevention; principles of dermatology and nutrition; facial treatment; decorative cosmetics; hand and feet care; whole-body treatment; sport and free-time activities.

To find out what the project team have been doing to develop this curriculum, please read the different newsletters linked below.

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This new and exciting project will appeal to Year 10 students who are interested in post-16 education .  More information to follow as this project develops.