LNFE hosts a Leonardo exchange student

During October and November LNFE welcomes Mr Juli Asbert Balart, a Spanish student who is in the UK on a Leonardo-funded work placement. Juli will be helping the department with administrative and project-related work, improving his English and helping LNFE with Spanish and Catalan. Read about Juli's experience in his own words.

"My name is Juli Asbert and I am a student from Barcelona (Spain), during the past year I have finished a superior degree of administration and finance in my school Joan XXIII in l’Hospitalet del Llobregat.

Now I am doing work experience in Wolverhampton for three months, thanks to a grant that I got through the Leonardo Da Vinci studies programme. This programme consists in travelling abroad to apply all my knowledge and skills in a company. In my case it has been the University of Wolverhampton which gives me the opportunity of working here.

I think it was an opportunity that I could not let go, because I wanted to improve my English, learn about the British culture, and develop my personal experience.

Right now I am in Language Networks for Excellence, my last phase of work here, because I have worked in the Students' Union marketing department and in the Arena theatre to acquire different types of experiences.

The first days were the hardest, because I hadn't found accommodation yet, and I was in a hotel, I didn’t know the city, and the accent and I was quite nervous my first day of work.

But after my first day of work, when I saw the people were very kind to me and a few days later when I found good accommodation, I was rather more relaxed.

So now I focus on the important things: improve my English and enjoy the rest of my stay."

For those interested in Catalan, Juli is providing bi-weekly basic phrases for beginners via the LNFE Facebook and Twitter pages. Fostering mobility is a key objective of the European Union and LNFE is happy to confirm that both the guest and the host can benefit from the experience.