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LNFE visits Spanish experts in CLIL

Alison Carminke, Business Development Facilitator for LNfE, has recently undertaken a two-week job shadow at Escuela Oficial de Idiomas Do Mundo Lume (DML) in Ayamonte, Andalusia.

This was a reciprocal visit following LNFE’s hosting of DML’s Head of English, Esther Cores Bilbao in June. Alison's visit was funded through the Grundtvig steam of the Lifelong Learning Programme, which deals with adult education, while Esther's was funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Andalusia is at the forefront of bilingual school education, due to its Plurilingualism Promotion Plan, and Alison was in Spain to observe DML’s pioneering training courses for general subject teachers who wish to teach through a foreign language as part of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). In exchange, DML benefitted from LNFE’s extensive project management experience, which they found very useful as they have recently starting coordinating their first project, a Grundtvig partnership called “Market Yourself Through CLIL”. Esther’s visit to the UK coincided with LNFE’s final stretch of work on the Going Places project, which created a DVD including CLIL elements, as it can be used by students in Germany, Poland and Romania to learn French, German and Spanish through the medium of English.

LNFE and DML are now working together to plan a range of in-service training courses which will train teachers of non-linguistic subjects to teach through a foreign language, encouraging the spread of CLIL throughout Europe. If you are a subject teacher in primary, secondary or adult education and would like more information, please email inservice-training@wlv.ac.uk.

Please contact:

Rachel Henley rachel.henley@wlv.ac.uk