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Erasmus+ Key Activity 1 Mobility Courses

Why Erasmus+?

KA1 mobility grants fund staff from certain organisations to attend skill-based courses in a European country and provide personal development opportunities. People can attend a training course in a participating country that relates to, and will enhance, their skills while providing them with a strong European perspective on a specific theme or topic.

Schools, VET institutions or adult education providers can apply on behalf of their staff, which includes:

  • Any person working for an organisation active in the field of VET and being in charge of  VET (such as teachers, trainers, international mobility officers, staff with administrative or guidance functions, etc.).
  • Persons from enterprises, public sector and/or civil society organisations

The courses offered by the International Academy at the University of Wolverhampton are 7 days in length (5 days of teaching) and cover a range of topics (see below). All courses are managed by a central team and the content is delivered by subject specialists throughout the week.


Courses offered:

  • English Language and Methodology Immersion Course for Teachers of English
  • English Language and CLIL Teaching Methodology   
  • English Language and the Media 
  • Drama and English        
  • Becoming Confident Users of Interactive Whiteboards & Developing Educational Links within Europe

If your organisation is looking for a bespoke mobility workshop, please contact Rachel Henley