English as a foreign language


Undergraduate English Language Sessions

Drop-in sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 to 13:00 in June 2019.

Advanced Writing Monday 3pm – 5pm Frank Lajko
Intermediate Writing Tuesday 3pm – 5pm Sarah Girling
Advanced Speaking & Listening Thursday 12pm – 2pm Nathan Lomax
Intermediate Speaking Thursday 3pm – 5pm Nathan Lomax


for further information please email: h.norton-uhl@wlv.ac.uk



Academic English

The following module will help you to prepare for assignments and other University study: Academic English for International Students (5EG009/6EG014).

This module offered in semester one and semester two can be part of the 120 credits that you register per academic year and is aimed at students at Level five and six.

Please email Carol Bailey for advice and further information: C.Bailey@wlv.ac.uk


General English

The following modules will help you to build your competence in English inside and outside the University:

English in Context Advanced 1Part A (4EG001/5EG006/6EG010) in semester one.

English in Context Advanced 1Part B (4EG002/5EG007/6EG009) in semester two.

We also offer English in Context Advanced 2 and Advanced 3 modules. These modules can be part of your 120 credits that you register per academic year and are aimed at ERASMUS exchange students but are also open to international students doing their degree here at Wolverhampton.

Please email Hildegard Norton-Uhl for advice and further information: H.Norton-Uhl@wlv.ac.uk, room: MH008.


Learning resources

If you have a University of Wolverhampton IT account, you can find a range of online English language resources in our open Canvas course Academic English Language Skills.

In addition, the university offers a wide range of support to help you achieve success in your studies. The Learning resources webpage lists a wide range of facilities for you to use and gives guidance on how to access and use them successfully. Among the many facilities, you will find:

  • guidance in using electronic resources such as the library catalogue
  • access to Wolf virtual learning environment and Evision
  • student guides

Spend some time looking around the Skills for Learning page, and take advantage of the many facilities including workshops and drop-in opportunities for one-to-one assistance with your work. You will find assistance with many aspects of study including:

  • academic writing skills
  • referencing
  • finding information