English Language Support and Online Workshops

If English is not your first language (whether you’re a Home, EU, International or Distance Learning student), support is available from a team of Academic English tutors based in the International Academy. As language specialists we can advise on points of grammar, word choice, style, source use and (in the case of oral assessments) pronunciation that will help you improve your academic performance. Join the Academic English Language Skills canvas course https://canvas.wlv.ac.uk/enroll/6AHT8E  (it’s free!) to access our online resources and sign up for an online 1to1English tutorial.

 International Academy bookmark visit https://canvas.wlv.ac.uk/enroll/6AHT8E

Academic English Language Workshops

The International Academy are offering a series of ‘Improving your Academic English’ online workshops, hosted via BigBlueButton (BBB) on the Academic English Language Skills canvas course https://canvas.wlv.ac.uk/enroll/6AHT8E.

The workshops (programme below) are designed for students who are users of English as an Additional Language (both International and Home) and who are not already receiving similar sessions as part of their degree course.

If you’re interested in joining the workshops, please enrol as soon as possible in the Academic English Language Skills canvas course https://canvas.wlv.ac.uk/enroll/6AHT8E so that you can receive our BBB conference invitations, which will go out on Friday afternoons. If you have any questions about the workshops, contact Carol Bailey (c.bailey@wlv.ac.uk).

Session Title





3-4 pm 


5-6 pm


10-11 am

Improving your language for oral presentations Adam Yardley 18 October 19 October 20 October 
Improving your sentence writing Adam Yardley 25 October 26 October  27 October 
Improving your paragraph structure Claire Richardson 1 November 2 November  3 November 
Improving your academic style Julie Humble 8 November 9 November  10 November 
Improving your source use: paraphrase (intro) Carol Bailey 15 November 16 November 17 November 
Improving your source use: paraphrase (next level) Carol Bailey 22 November 23 November  24 November 
Improving your language for reflective writing Adam Yardley 29 November  30 November  1 December