The Wolverhampton Academic Skills Fortnight (TNE)

Join us for a two week celebration of learning and culture on the 14th - 28th July 2019 at your home University

The Wolverhampton Academic Skills Fortnight (TNE) 2019 gives our partner TNE students the chance to be part of their home University, develop their communication skills, experience English culture as well as visiting places of historical and cultural interest around the UK.  Students will also receive interactive workshops, enjoy a full social programme and gain a certificate of achievement.

The Wolverhampton Academic Skills Fortnight (TNE) 2019 will start on the 14th July and finish on the 28th July 2019 and will be based at our Telford Innovation Campus, in the rural county of Shropshire.  Priorslee Hall is the home of the International Academy and offers a welcoming place to stay in safe, relaxed surroundings.

‌The Wolverhampton Academic Skills Fortnight (TNE) 2019 will give students the opportunity to:

  • Discover their ‘home from home’ University and the opportunity to experience life on campus in the UK
  • Learn more about British culture, society and business through visits and interactive workshops
  • Develop invaluable business communication skills and study techniques
  • Meet practising professionals from the UK
  • Acquire skills to work with people from different cultures
  • Enjoy a full social programme with trips to local historical places of interest and national visits to cities such as London and Birmingham
  • Gain a certificate of achievement
  • The cost is £1,200 which includes accommodation and airport transfers from Birmingham Airport (excluding food)
  • To book your place please email or Tel: +44 (0) 1902 32 2525 by the 3rd June 2019 and complete and return the TNE Application Form 2019 (PDF)
  • Students must be aged 18 years of age or older and be a student at one of our Partner Institutions

Please note:

Students are required to make their own arrangements for travel to the UK. 

Students will be self catering and will need to purchase their own food, they will share a kitchen and living area (with utensils supplied) in which 4-7 students can relax, cook and eat.

Students will need to apply for visas early on, we recommend that you apply for a short-term study visa in order to attend.

If you do need a visa please apply up to 3 months before the date of travel to avoid disappointment.

Take a look at what our students have say about their experience with us:

 TNE Group 2018 with certificates












Shushant Niroula

“I definitely enjoyed my stay at the International Academy's Wolverhampton Summer School 2016.  These past two weeks have been the most memorable days in my life.  I have made new friends and have met lots of new people.  This was my first trip outside of Nepal and I was excited but now I feel a bit sad as the journey has come to an end.  I was amazed by the warmth and humbleness from the staff and I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.  I have learnt the importance of professional communication in an academic and professional career, the importance of expression and how creativity has no limits.

I look forward to applying these skills in my life and I hope to visit the University again in the near future.”

Megha Jajoo - Nepal

“The Summer School 2016 at the International Academy has been a great time of learning and experience for me.  I was extremely satisfied with the facilities and especially liked the trips that were arranged for us to London, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick Castle and many more.  I have met many people from different countries and this has helped me during classes which were a mixture of English, cultural learning and animation. The Summer School was one of the most exciting days of my life.”

Wu Xue Ying - China

"Telford is a very good place and I like the views very much.  The teachers and students are very nice and I have made new friendships.  I enjoyed the English language classes very much because they are different from the ones in my home country.  I think I have improved my English communication but two weeks is not long enough.  It was a great experience."

Punam Sherpa - Nepal

"I have fully enjoyed the Wolverhampton Experience 2017 at the International Academy, University of Wolverhampton, in fact these last 15 days will be the best memory of my life.  I came to know about different cultures, visited new places and made new friends.   Being a business student I analysed international business systems and found out about different business strategies which will be very beneficial to me for my future.  The teachers were so friendly and I was glad to have had the opportunity to learn in such a great environment.  I made friends with people from China, Spain and Korea and I also learnt about british culture and language.  I am already studying with a Partner Institution with the University of Wolverhampton and in the future I want to persue my Masters degree at this University."

Prakash Dahal - Nepal

"I enjoyed all of the two weeks that I spent at the International Academy on the Wolverhampton Experience (TNE) fortnight 2017.  I enjoyed the teaching because I found the teachers friendly and I learnt about different topics related to business, communication skills and marketing, which will be really important for my future.  I had a good time visiting different places around the UK and I made many new friends from China, Korea, SpaIn, Oman and the United Kingdom.  I am taking lots of good memories from the University of Wolverhampton and I want to come back to study a Masters course."

Rishika Kothari - Nepal

"The Wolverhampton Experience (TNE) 2017 made me more independent and self-sufficient, I made a lot of new friends and I know it will be difficult to return back to my country.  The facilities at the International Academy and the University of Wolverhampton are quite amazing and I found the teachers and entire staff very friendly and humble. I visited various places of historical renown with the other groups of international students which helped my understanding about different cultures."

Aayushi Bansal - Nepal

“The Summer School experience was a dream come true for me and I loved the way people from different countries came together.  It has helped me enhance my learning and thinking abilities and I look forward to implementing what I have learnt from the Summer School."

Aviyan Shrestha - Nepal

“The environment around the International Academy is very peaceful and green and it never allowed me to feel that I was far from home.  I enjoyed every moment and I would like to come back again."

Ketan Shah - Nepal

“Being a student of the Summer School I made new international friends and learnt about various cultures which will help me in International Business. I would love to visit the International Academy again; these 15 days were the best days of my life."