Study Semester Abroad Scholarship

Formally known as the Study Year Abroad (UK) programme, the Study Semester Abroad Scholarship programme enables students from other universities the opportunity to study a semester in English or the academic subject in the context of a modern British university for one semester.

International Student for courses

At the International Academy of the University of Wolverhampton, the Study Semester Abroad Scholarship students will be taught on degree courses by highly qualified staff in classes where they will interact with British and international students. They will be able to take advantage of the facilities of a modern British university while experiencing life in a cosmopolitan city at the heart of the United Kingdom.


Study Semester Abroad benefits

  • Study modules on a British university undergraduate degree course at the University of Wolverhampton
  • Gain credits from your home university OR study with us post-graduation
  • Develop your language and academic skills in an immersive environment
  • Travel around Britain and make new friends from the UK and around the world
  • Great social programme including volunteering
  • Experience living in another culture and develop the confidence that comes with greater independence


Undergraduate Study

The University of Wolverhampton offers a wide range of courses aimed at the needs of today’s students. In recent years, courses which have been popular with students include the following:

The student will take a total of 3 accredited modules during their semester of study; two subjects based and one English and academic skills based.  They can choose to study 2 modules from any undergraduate degree course.  Before arriving students can look through the under graduate course finder to find first and second year modules that may interest them.  Students will then be guided in their choice by their university tutors on arrival.  In addition to these modules international students will take an entry test.  This entry test helps in guiding the student on to an appropriate English and academic skills module for their level.  At the end of their time with us the students will get a full transcript of their results that can contribute towards the home universities award or work as a stand-alone certificate.

How it works

Course possibilities:

Those students wishing to study two academic modules need English level equivalent to TOEFL 525 (IELTS 5.5). Students whose English level is below will need to take a first or choose English only modules.

Study ProgrammeStart DatesFinish Date
Semester 1 Academic Programme

September 2019

January 2020
Semester 2 Academic Programme

January 2020

May 2020


Study Semester Abroad Scholarship Fees (as at 2019)

Tuition fee


Discounted fee with scholarship

Study Semester Abroad



£3380 (excluding accommodation)

Visa Stipulations

The Study Semester Abroad Scholarship programme is available exclusively to students on a Short Term Study Visa. This visa is less costly and bureaucratic than a Tier 4 Visa, however it does mean that study time is restricted to a maximum of one semester of academic study, or 6 months in total and does not allow for paid work. Find out more about your visa.


Social Programme

We want our students to have the best possible time with us and to facilitate their social and personal development we offer the following:

  • Supportive Student Union - the Students' Union helps run events, clubs and societies, find out more.
  • Volunteering - volunteering helps students gain skills and experiences whilst building their resume. Find out more about volunteering at the University of Wolverhampton.

 Two students drinking coffee

Living Costs

Wolverhampton is much more affordable than living in some other areas of the country such as London where rents are on average 3 time as high.  Students in Wolverhampton will typically spend from £75.00 up to £95.00 per week to stay in halls of residence.  Eating out and the general cost of living is also much lower making this part of the country popular with home and international students alike.  After the rent is paid students can usually live quite comfortably on around £100.00 per week.  Find out more about accommodation at the University of Wolverhampton.


What our students say

Wongyu Oh from South Korea, commented:

Wongyu Oh - Study Semester Abroad

 "I found the accommodation standard good and this was the first time I live away from home.  I have made new friends and enjoy the interaction. I enjoy the module 'Tourism Place Marketing' and found 'Thinking Through Democracy' more difficult but interesting and challenging".


Jang Eun Kyoung, South Korea, commented:


"I gained confidence in speaking and listening and learnt about Marketing and Business English. I made friends with many international students and have travelled to Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bath and London. I would recommend the University of Wolverhampton to other students".




How to make an application

To make an application for this course please Email: or Tel: +44 (0) 1902 32 2525 and complete the on-line application form.

Contact us

For further information about this course, please Email: or  or Tel: +44 (0) 1902 32 3370