Take a look at what our students have to say about their experiences at the International Academy


 International Academy Summer School students with certificates

 Nana Hassan IFY 2019 4

"The International Foundation Year to me, was the family I never had in the United Kingdom.  The people are very supportive and friendly and help with all the necessary things you need."



"I gained confidence in speaking and listening and learnt about Marketing and Business English. I made friends with many international students and have travelled to Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bath and London. I would recommend the University of Wolverhampton to other students".

AJPozolopez 2

"I have gained in confidence in an English speaking context when either teaching or in casual conversations and my module leader provides a pleasant and friendly classroom environment. the International Academy has provided a welcoming environment to study and the learning centres are really good with up-to-date buildings".

 Linda Wekoue Djuissi 18

"The teachers are very friendly and professional and I found the classes interactive and I liked working in groups.  I have made friends from the Ivory Coast, Qatar, India and Nigeria and I absolutely feel the International Academy provided a welcoming place to study".


“I feel more prepared now than ever for a university degree.  I have gained all the necessary support to improve my academic writing style and I look forward to coming to class every day.”

Ariwan Rasool

"I found my classes motivating and my teachers professional.  The Pre-sessional course prepared me very well and I feel confident to finish my MSc Computer Science."


Nagla Osman Mohamed 19

"My class time was really motivating and my teacher always gave us support to be confident in ourselves and was very friendly and patient.  The course helped me to know how to deal with academic material, my language really increased and I enjoyed working in groups I am impressed with the Campus and I made friends with students from Cameroon, Qater, India and China. I want to progress to study a Master degree in Building Information Modelling and I found the Pre-sessional English language course a nice learning experience".




"I feel that I improved my English and it is a good intercultural experience. The teaching style is different from Italy where we have only lectures but here we have alot of interaction between the teachers and students."


Mohammad Ilham Sayeed IFY 2019

"The International Foundation Year course helps me every day and I see and gain the type of knowledge that is relevant and preparatory for my undergraduate course. 

My lecturers were very friendly and helpful and I felt like I was already with my family. I have gained all the academic skills which will assist me to cope well with my main degree and I really enjoyed this course from the first day.   I am planning to complete my bachelor and masters degree at the University of Wolverhampton and I would definitely recommend it to everyone because of the help and support they have for international students."


"I feel the international Foundation Year is making me much more confident and it has helped me to improve my academic writing.

I cannot stress enough how significant the International Foundation Year is and I feel that I have developed several skills, most importantly the interaction with students from different backgrounds and cultures. One of the most intriguing things about my course is the results that group working can bring; each student knows something, and you can observe that when you sit down and talk with them. We educate and help each other in a very friendly and cooperative environment. 

When it comes to studying, the facilities at the University are really extraordinary and with the help of the lecturers, I have gained tremendous confidence and independence. Our lecturers explain the structure that an academic essay should have, how referencing should be done, learning effective and constructive reading strategies, what books and websites are suitable for our studies and also how to store information efficiently.

Working and developing our presentation skills is certainly a skill that will be useful not only in student life but most predominantly in the future.

From the beginning the staff and especially the lecturers made me feel welcomed and relaxed and the teaching materials that the International Academy offers are absolutely indispensable."



“I have gained in confidence and I am enjoying the teaching which is interactive and fun. I feel the University is welcoming and supportive and it has given me a whole new experience.”

 "Everyone here makes me feel at home and the teachers are friendly and knowledgeable.  Through this course I have improved my spoken English and I'll continue to improve my writing skills.  I think this course is an interesting experience which will enrich my CV."


 “The International Academy has helped me to know and see the inside of what I am going to need in my student career, which is Law.

With the help of the lecturers I have achieved a lot and overall I have really enjoyed my stay at the International Academy.” 


S Behadri Pre sessional course

"I really enjoyed the online Pre-sessional English language course at the International Academy because it was flexible which allowed me to look after my home and study at the same time. I gained great confidence in speaking, reading, writing and listening which is due to the encouragement and skilled teacher who instilled confidence in ourselves.  I am looking to progress onto MSc Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology and the pre-sessional English course was the bridge to access this program.”

TNE Student image for profile

"It has already been more than one and a half years since I started work as a Software Engineer in Nepal. To be here at this phase, I was supported by Herald College Kathmandu, the University of Wolverhampton and my experiences at the University’s International Academy Summer School. During my bachelors, I not only learnt technical skills but also enhanced myself in different fields, among them one of my major experiences was getting a full scholarship to visit the University of Wolverhampton for a fifteen day Summer School. The Summer School was organized by the International Academy at Telford Campus.

I am so happy and proud that I can stand out from others because of this International exposure and experience. During the Summer School people from different nations were participating and I got a chance to learn about different cultures, food, human behaviour and so on. My communication and management skills were enhanced along with my thinking and perspective. Whilst visiting Telford and the local area I also discovered the historical and revolutionary story of the UK which was started from the Iron Bridge, at Telford."





"It is a great platform to learn the English language skills and I enjoyed the full course.  My favourite part was speaking in course and I learnt how to speak English in front of others and moreover my tutor was kind and helpful.  This course helps to enhance our skills and confidence ….   and it also improves our basic English level and we can get these skills from our home without any tension.”