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 International Academy, Summer School, Priorslee Hall

Why not take a look at what our students have to say?‌

Timothy Waive International Foundation Year Student Profile


My name is Timothy Waive and I'm from Nigeria.  I came to the University of Wolverhampton to study Biochemistry via the International Foundation Year in 2011.  The International Foundation Year was recommended by the University to help the transition of International Students from the educational system to which they are normally adapted to the British educational system.

In the course of my International Foundation Year, I was taught Harvard Referencing and citation which is very important for avoiding plagiarism but was new to me.  The International Foundation Year (IFY) also taught me new and improved patterns for academic writing to enable easy relay of information with high levels of vocabulary, accuracy, precision and professionalism.  The lecturers of the IFY and the University of Wolverhampton were always available to render assistance where and when needed making the learning process easier.  The IFY opens opportunities of friendship to students from all around the world. 

During my time on the IFY course, I made friends of different nationalities who have made Wolverhampton a warmer place to be.  Thanks to the education and training I received from the IFY, I graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a BS.c. Biochemistry First Class. 

In the future, I hope to be a medical doctor and have already started pursuing this dream.  I have secured a place at a medical school here in the U.K. and should graduate in 2020 as a medical doctor.



"I gained confidence in speaking and listening and learnt about Marketing and Business English. I made friends with many international students and have travelled to Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bath and London. I would recommend the University of Wolverhampton to other students".

Angel J Pozo Lopez

"I have gained in confidence in an English speaking context when either teaching or in casual conversations and my module leader provides a pleasant and friendly classroom environment. the International Academy has provided a welcoming environment to study and the learning centres are really good with up-to-date buildings".




"The teachers are very friendly and professional and I found the classes interactive and I liked working in groups.  I have made friends from the Ivory Coast, Qatar, India and Nigeria and I absolutely feel the International Academy provided a welcoming place to study".



 Student Profile for Bassama Kada Fabrice

Being at the International Academy to study the International Foundation Year was a great place to be for my first year in the UK.  Whilst on the course it was fun interacting with people from all around the world, experiencing new cultures and being taught by awesome lecturers. I enjoyed being at Telford as it is a peaceful area and was great for studying and revision, it is also a fun place for sports and the accommodation is impressive for the price.

Whilst on the course I enjoyed the discussions the most, as it was cool being able to interact with people, sharing ideas and arguing about a topic in a group activity.  This experience benefitted me by improving my English and gaining knowledge of the world, as well as being able to interact with different cultures.  The academic writing skills taught me about team work and the lecturers were great at what they do, they managed to put the teaching over in a simple way.


 "Being a student of the Wolverhampton Summer School (TNE) I got to learn about the culture of the UK which will help me in my International Business.  I enjoyed the teaching because it was interactive and the classes were interesting, the facilities are fantastic and I made new friends from China, Korea, the Oman, India, Spain, the Netherlands, Iran and many more.  I enjoyed the trips around the UK with Warwick Castle and Cambridge being top because I love exploring historical places.  I would love to visit the International Academy again, it has all the facilities that a student desires with good accommodation, nice people and natural surroundings.   These past 15 days were the best days of my life".


Student profile for Daniel Lawani


Firstly, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Daniel Lawani and I come from Nigeria.  Coming to the International Academy has really given me the opportunity to take up my studies in a very enjoyable yet highly educative way.  The various courses offered on the IFY were beneficial to my course of study in many diverse ways.

I found my courses enjoyable because it was not all dependent on written work.  The fact that we had presentations ensured that we were involved in debates.  Sometimes, we watched videos and had entertaining lectures, which broadens your mind even while being relaxed.  I would like to say I enjoyed every bit of my programme.


My course has really benefited me in so many ways.  Unlike before, now I realise the silly mistakes we make when it comes to English and I'm always careful to go through my work thoroughly.  Meeting with other students from various ethnicities and backgrounds has helped me in my interpersonal relationships and communication with people, also sharing brilliant ideas and being able to help people was something I did not take for granted.  My one year at the International Academy would not have meant anything if not for all the lecturers who took their time to  move along with us, guiding and always being there to answer questions, as well as creating a lively environment for learning.  My special thanks to; Alistair MacDonald, Adam Yardley, Louise Russell, Julie Humble, Cecilia Jones, Penny Welch and the Administrative staff of the International Academy.  Words cannot explain their kindness.

The IFY course is really going to boost my learning capacity, even now as I advance to my course of study.  The studies and research has given me the ability to be a top student, knowing how to read, analyse and reproduce my work.  Filling out forms and having conversations with people are not now a problem to me and I am aware of the resources and applications which will improve my knowledge rather than distract me.  Being in the United Kingdom, I have travelled to various places even while studying and I found them quite diverse having their own unique attraction and qualities which made them enjoyable.


Student Profile

Shushant Niroula, Wolverhampton Summer School 2016

I definitely enjoyed my stay at the International Academy's Wolverhampton Summer School 2016.  These past two weeks have been the most memorable days in my life.  I have made new friends and have met lots of new people.  This was my first trip outside of Nepal and I was excited but now I feel a bit sad as the journey has come to an end.  I was truly amazed by the warmth and humbleness from the staff and I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.  I have learnt the importance of professional communication in an academic and professional career, the importance of expression and how creativity has no limits.

I look forward to applying these skills in my life and I hope to visit the University again in the near future.

Shushant Niroula, Nepal


Megha Jajoo student profile

The Summer School 2016 at the International Academy has been a great time of learning and experience for me.  I was extremely satisfied with the facilities and especially liked the trips that were arranged for us to London, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick Castle and many more.  I have met many people from different countries and this has helped me during classes which were a mixture of English, cultural learning and animation. The Summer School was one of the most exciting days of my life.

Megha Jajoo, Nepal



Student Profile Nikhil Goyal Agrawal

The Wolverhampton Summer School 2016 was a great time for me, it was learning with fun. I attended different  types of classes which enhanced my skills and personality.  I enjoyed the sports activities with the other international students and also the trips to London and Cambridge as well as the visits to all the different places in the U.K.  London was a beautiful city with lots of attractions.  The staff at the International Academy are amazing and they made me feel very comfortable.  I really enjoyed my stay and I want to come back again soon.

"I have enjoyed the teaching as the lecturers help you learn in an understanding way and the course is giving me the opportunity to help me in my academic career to further study my Masters in Public Health in the university.  I have enjoyed meeting people from different countries and I think the facilities are good.


"My class time was really motivating and my teacher always gave us support to be confident in ourselves and was very friendly and patient.  The course helped me to know how to deal with academic material, my language really increased and I enjoyed working in groups I am impressed with the Campus and I made friends with students from Cameroon, Qater, India and China. I want to progress to study a Master degree in Building Information Modelling and I found the Pre-sessional English language course a nice learning experience".


"I feel that the Summer School is an opportunity to improve your English and make new friends from other countries.  I enjoyed the trips and the International Academy provided a welcoming place to stay. It was all good and I would like to come back to the International Academy".


Aviyan Shrestha

"I really enjoyed my Summer School because as an International Business Student I communicated to many international students which I think will help me for my career.  The environment around the International Academy is very peaceful and green and it never allowed me to feel that I was far from home, I made a lot of close friends from China, Korea, UAE, Cameroon, Holland and the Ivory Coast.  The International Academy provided a welcoming place to stay that anyone can ever ask for and I enjoyed every moment in the UK and I would like to come back again!".


Student profile Adeliia Papulzan


I really had a great time in the University of Wolverhampton, I loved the atmosphere of the International Academy which is located in a quiet and beautiful place where you can study without any rush or pressure.  I found the Learning Centre at the University incredible and you are able to use the computers, self study rooms and printers 24/7. The University has catering and canteen facilities located in every building where they serve lots of different types of food.  One of the most enjoyable things about my International Foundation Year course was the opportunity to meet different people from around the world and working as part of a team in order to complete tasks.  The IFY course was my pathway to my first year degree and it has helped me to get up to that level where I am ready to open new doors to a bright future.

My tutors are very helpful and attentive, they are happy to explain the lecture as many times as you need and the lectures are structured in a special way so that I didn't feel under pressure  and was enjoying the way in which I have been taught.




Stanley Zvidi

"I'm enjoying my International Foundation Year and I enjoy my group discussion lectures interacting with students from diverse cultures and learning a lot about their different traditions.   The lecturing staff are patient and take time to make sure you are fairing well with your studies and  I like Telford Campus because it is so secluded and quiet which I personally think is a good learning environment.  I have made friends with with other people from Lithuania and Costa Rica and I am looking forward to studying Economics and Social Policy.

I would like to get a first degree at the University and also play rugby in the major league in England".

Find out more about Stanley's involvement with Wednesbury Rugby Union Football Club.


"I am enjoying the teaching on the  IELTS Preparation course and I am gaining English language knowledge.  The lessons are interactive and I have made friends with students from Germany and Spain. The IELTS Preparation course is benefitting my reading, writing, listening and speaking skills which will help me with my future career as I wish to continue my law studies on the Pre Master's in Law course.

Alisa Murillo - Summer School & International Foundation Year


"I originally came to the International Academy at the University of Wolverhampton to do a Summer School course to improve my English.  However, after my wonderful experience I decided to return to do the International Foundation Year and then continue onto an undergraduate degree course to study art.

Many things influenced my decision to come back to study my degree; the amazing installations in the art department, the incredible support given to the students by the University but especially the amazingly friendly environment formed by the staff and the students.

I feel that besides from my English improving I have definitely become a better student and I have learnt many essential skills".

Joao Paulo student profile IFY


"My name is Joao Paulo and I come from Brazil.  Coming to the International Academy has really given me the opportunity to take my studies to a very high level enabling me to learn and improve everything.  I found my course enjoyable because it wasn't only based on English grammar we also did a lot of writing and presentations so I could learn how to prepare a speech and improve my spoken language. 

Also, on the International Foundation Year you meet different people from other cultures and find out about their life style.  My teachers at the International Academy were kind and helpful and really prepared me for my University Sport and Coaching degree course".

Sonala Emuze student profile IFY

"I have enjoyed every part of my International Foundation Year course because I have learnt what it means to contribute as a group and I enojoyed the method of teaching that the teachers used, they took their time and were patient when explaining the lectures and practical work. The group games helped our vocabularly and body language and I feel I have gained the motivation to read and speak clearly when engaged in conversation or looking through a text. My future plans are to be a successful graphic Novel designer.

Prakash Dahal Student profile picture

"I enjoyed all of the two weeks that I spent at the International Academy on the Wolverhampton Experience (TNE) fortnight 2017.  I enjoyed the teaching because I found the teachers friendly and I learnt about different topics related to business, communication skills and marketing, which will be really important for my future.  I had a good time visiting different places around the UK and I made many new friends from China, Korea, SpaIn, Oman and the United Kingdom.  I am taking lots of good memories from the University of Wolverhampton and I want to come back to study a Masters course." 

Rishika Kothari student profile

"The Wolverhampton Experience (TNE) 2017 made me more independent and self-sufficient, I made a lot of new friends and I know it will be difficult to return back to my country.  The facilities at the International Academy and the University of Wolverhampton are quite amazing and I found the teachers and entire staff very friendly and humble. I visited various places of historical renown with the other groups of international students which helped my understanding about different cultures."

Punam Sherpa student profile

"I have fully enjoyed the Wolverhampton Experience 2017 at the International Academy, University of Wolverhampton, in fact these last 15 days will be the best memory of my life.  I came to know about different cultures, visited new places and made new friends.   Being a business student I analysed international business systems and found out about different business strategies which will be very beneficial to me for my future.  The teachers were so friendly and I was glad to have had the opportunity to learn in such a great environment.  I made friends with people from China, Spain and Korea and I also learnt about british culture and language.  I am already studying with a Partner Institution with the University of Wolverhampton and in the future I want to persue my Masters degree at this University."