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Modern and Community Languages


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Learning a foreign language                 ‌

The International Academy offers a variety of exciting ways to fit language learning into your life:




Why study a language?

There are a whole host of reasons why it’s important to speak a language other than English. We are closely linked with the European Union, in which we can live, work or study in any one of 27 countries. Speaking the language of other nations will be a huge factor in how successful we are in the future. So in the world of work, language skills are going to be increasingly important in organisations and businesses who want to remain competitive on an international level.

In addition to economics and employability benefits learning a language will help you to build global friendships and experience different cultures, opening up travel opportunities to study or live abroad.

CILT, the National Centre for Languages

View our short introduction to languages videos:

Did you know?

“49% of employers are dissatisfied with school leavers’ language skills”
Council for Industry and Higher Education

“One in four (43%) recruiters say speaking a second language gives a candidate the x-factor when applying for a job. “
Department for Children, Schools and Families and the National Centre for Languages.

Further information

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