International Business Communication (IBC), one-year top-up

Please note that we are awaiting government guidance before running this programme due to COVID-19.

If you have already completed two full years of study in higher education in your home country, and want a degree (BA Hons) from a UK university, the IBC programme is for you!

The IBC (English for International Business Communication) honours degree is a top-up programme, which lasts only one academic year (9 months), and has been welcoming students from all over the world, every year since 1986, who want to improve their English skills as well as develop their knowledge of their discipline of study (business, management, HR, media, public relations, marketing, accountancy). Modules on the IBC programme are taught in the Business School on City Campus, at the heart of the city of Wolverhampton and at the Telford Campus. You will be studying in a friendly multicultural environment, and get the perfect preparation for the world of work or for postgraduate study. We hope you find this information useful. 


Through the application process, we help you get ready to move to the UK.

Once you have arrived, a series of tailored welcome sessions help you become acclimatised to the University

On the day you are awarded the BA(Hons), you can experience the memorable graduation ceremony in the Grand Theatre.

Each student will be allocated a personal tutor who will provide help and advice, so you never feel lost and isolated whilst in the UK.

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Adam Yardley  Temporary Course Leader



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Our teaching team comprises lecturers who are expert in their fields and enthusiastic about their teaching. Academics use a variety of teaching methods and strategies, to allow students to develop a great breadth of skills.

Lecturing staff make extensive use of electronic resources and the digital learning environment, in particular through CANVAS. It means that you have access to plenty of learning material outside the classroom, and can study independently.

Core modules 

(Please note these modules may vary from year to year)

  1. Advanced English for Business (1 module each semester): This module aims to increase your ability to operate in an international business environment by improving the full range of communicative competencies, by developing further the academic skills of researching, analysing, evaluating and summarising complex information. The material in this module will provide insights and information on the English speaking world's economic, commercial and socio-political structures.
  2. Independent study project: it is an extensive piece of individual research (10,000 words) with the help and support of your project supervisor. The project allows you to conduct an in-depth analysis of a topic of your choice. You will be expected to show extensive knowledge of the subject as well as good research and critical skills. Staff are open to original topics of study, as long as you are enthusiastic about them.

Optional modules

(Please note the list below is not exhaustive and may vary from year to year)

  • Media and Public relations: Persuasion and Influence  
  • Business: Creating and Starting a New Business Venture; Strategies for Building Business Success; Dynamics of Multinational Companies.
  • Marketing: International Marketing; Consumer Behaviour and Relationships; Personal Selling and Sales Management
  • Digital Marketing, Communications and Social Media
  • Human resources: Strategies for People Management; Sustainable Human Resources Management



There is a variety of assessments which aim to test a great range of skills that are necessary to achieve graduate standards. Assessments will be oral and written, individual and in groups, done in class and at home.

Example: in your English for Business module, you will have to take part in an assessed negotiation activity.

Assessments will vary depending on your choice of modules. They are spread out with 2 main periods:

  • December/January 
  • April/May

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