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English Language Pre-sessional Courses

Our Pre-sessional courses help you meet the language requirements for your degree programme at the University of Wolverhampton.


International Academy students in class                                    


The University of Wolverhampton's pre-sessional courses include:

  • intensive language development;
  • practice in academic writing, presentation skills, and dealing with academic texts in English (both spoken and written);
  • an introduction to the University and its academic culture;
  • small class sizes (no more than 22);
  • highly interactive classes with qualified and experienced teachers.

Tulika Mondal

"I have enjoyed the teaching as the lecturers help you learn in an understanding way and the course is giving me the opportunity to help me in my academic career to further study my Masters in Public Health in the university.  I have enjoyed meeting people from different countries and I think the facilities are good."


Nagla Osman Mohamed

"My class time was really motivating and my teacher always gave us support to be confident in ourselves and was very friendly and patient.  The course helped me to know how to deal with academic material, my language really increased and I enjoyed working in groups I am impressed with the Campus and I made friends with students from Cameroon, Qatar, India and China. I want to progress to study a Master degree in Building Information Modelling and I found the Pre-sessional English language course a nice learning experience."


Nawal Al Amri

"All the staff have helped me and given me the support I needed and I have learnt how to use grammar and write in English. The teaching style is motivating and I would recommend studying at the University of Wolverhampton."


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The length of course that you need depends on your current level of English and the entry level that you need to start your degree programme.

There are several entry points throughout the year.

Please note – we are making some changes to our pre-sessional courses so the name and length of your course may differ depending on which start date you choose.

Check the table below for information and to apply. Click on the links for more details.




Your required

IELTS level

Start date

Finish date

Name of course



 22 June 2020

 11 September 2020

Pre-sessional English and Academic Skills : 11 weeks



 03 August 2020

 11 September 2020

Pre-sessional English & Academic Skills : 6 weeks


* your individual language components are taken into consideration and if you are lower in one or two, you may be offered a different pre-sessional.




Tel: +44 (0)1902 32 2525

Course Leader


Tel: +44 (0)1902 32 2354

(Note: course information on this page is valid for UK-based courses only).

If you do not have access to a computer you can also apply using the International Application Form

After completing it, send it by email to: or by post to: Admissions Unit, University of Wolverhampton, MX Building, Camp Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1AD