Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

TESOL can include teaching English abroad or teaching English as a Foreign Language in the UK in an FE College or private language school, for example. There are only a few undergraduate TESOL courses in the UK and the University of Wolverhampton’s International Academy is proud to be offering one of them.

TESOL is offered as a joint honours degree which means that you study it in combination with another subject.

Follow the links below for a brief summary of each available TESOL award, including information on the aims of various courses and their entry requirements:

Why study TESOL at the University of Wolverhampton?

The TESOL team believes that teaching English is a rewarding and interesting career, and we are proud that the majority of students on the TESOL course leave University as highly employable graduates who have a variety of employment opportunities, from teaching in the language school abroad to taking a PGCE in order to teach in the state sector in the UK.

We work hard to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need in order to start becoming effective, reflective teachers of language. We enjoy teaching students of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds about how language works and how languages are learned, and love introducing students to the skills needed to teach English effectively.

By gradually introducing you to the core concepts of TESOL, we aim to build your confidence in the classroom. We introduce key ideas about language teaching and learning, and knowledge about language systems. Our TESOL combined awards course is linked to the Trinity College London Cert TESOL, which you may have the opportunity to gain while you are at the University. You have the chance to do some teaching practice, and, in the third year, the chance to complete a work placement in order to give you the opportunity of working with a group of learners over a period of weeks.

If you like why and how we run our TESOL programme, come and join us at the University of Wolverhampton.

Comments from our external examiner

Each course at the University of Wolverhampton is externally assessed by an examiner from another Higher Education institution in the country. These are the most recent comments from external examiners about the TESOL programme:

"The syllabus is clearly planned with the learner - teacher in mind and, as such, great efforts have been made to design collaborative tasks that assist in bridging the practice - theory gap and thus enable the formation of adaptive, rounded practitioners."
External Examiner's report 2012

"It was a pleasure to meet and discuss language teaching matters with such an informed, dedicated and professional team. The provision of an award that enables students to exit university not only with a degree but also with a globally accepted teaching qualification is a tremendous asset for a university to possess and answers directly the current calls for HE institutions to consider employability as a key factor in strategic decision making."
External Examiner's report 2012

Graduate destinations

The teaching destinations of our 2012 graduates include: Russia, Spain, Japan and Wolverhampton. Other graduates are going on to further study at the University of Wolverhampton and the University of Warwick.