Constance BriscoeConstance Briscoe

Schoolof Law, Social Sciences and Communications
Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws

Constance Briscoe graduated from Newcastle University in 1983 and became a member of the Inner Temple. In 1985 she qualified as a barrister and joined Michael Mansfield as his pupil, at Tooks Court Chambers where she learnt her trade as a criminal advocate. She remained there until 1987 when she moved to join the chambers of Barbara Calvert QC where she practised both family and criminal law.

In 1996 she was appointed a Recorder of the Crown Court and became one of the country’s first black part-time judges. In 1998 she was appointed a Recorder sitting in the family courts and then two years later, she was appointed Recorder with civil jurisdiction.

In 2006 she wrote her first book, Ugly, about her life as a child. The book has since been translated into 16 different languages. In the same year she received the Leadership and Diversity award and was nominated Woman of the Year.

Two years later she wrote her second book, Beyond Ugly, which mapped out her career as a young barrister. Since then she has continued to write and her first crime book was published in August of this year.