Information for External Non Medical Helper Support Providers

University of Wolverhampton Student Support & Wellbeing

Our priority is to provide safe, high quality and effective service for our students in receipt of NMH support. We will work closely with all external NMH providers to facilitate you to provide the most effective service for the benefit of our students. 

All Support Workers, students, staff and visitors to the University must familiarise themselves with the University COVID-19 restrictions and guidance which can be found on our website at   Additional information can also be found on the University website at

Student Support and Wellbeing at the University of Wolverhampton

Information about support services including the Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW) at the University can be found here:

Please ensure that the students you support are aware of the support services available to them. All students with a disability or specific learning difficulty can access support through our central SSW service regardless of who provides their NMH support.

What you need to know

(More information about support services (including SSW) at the University can be found at:


NMH providers are asked to contact SSW at to request an Induction meeting with the SSW management team if it is the first time on campus and orientation is required.

Please note:

External NMH workers do not have access to the University shuttle buses or libraries* (please see additional note below). External NMH workers are welcome to access the general areas of the University. If support is provided in a classroom an agency badge is required. Alternatively a visitor badge will be required by the NMH workers contacting Main Reception areas.

If a student wishes their support worker to receive limited IT access to access the CANVAS topics the student should contact with the following information:

  • Student Number
  • Support Worker Name
  • Support Worker’s Organisation
  • Support Worker’s personal email address
  • Support Worker’s telephone contact number
  • Support type they will be providing

Alternatively the External Provider can contact SSW with the above information and request access.  Please note that if the External Provider requests access the student will be contacted by a member of SSW staff and asked for them to confirm if they wish access to be given.

When you arrive at the University please report to the Reception desk nearest to where you are providing support to acknowledge you are on site.

Maps and directions can be found at:

You will book support and agree a location directly with your allocated student/s. Our students do have the ability to book spaces within the University for support. All specialist one-to-one support (outside of lecture/tutorial) should be offered in a location/environment which is comfortable, confidential and takes into account the students’ disability needs.


Learning Centres are here to support the research, teaching and learning of the students and staff of the University of Wolverhampton. However, if you are not a current member of the University you may still be able to use our Learning Centres. This includes the provision of NMH support where access to the library/learning centre is supportive to that role.

If you wish to use the University Learning Centres for reference, research or other more general purposes, an appointment or advance notice is required. Please contact 01902 321333 or 0845 408 1631 or e mail  to arrange a visit or to request access to the library for the provision of NMH support.  

All University Visitors are required to register at the building reception to get a Visitor Pass before coming to the Learning Centres. For visits to Harrison Learning Centre (City) please report to The Ambika Paul Building Reception, and for visits to Walsall Learning Centre please report to the Performance Hub Reception.

Please be aware that access is by pre-arrangement appointments only at the moment due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Additionally, when we take the booking requests for visits we ask for the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of visit
  • Time of visit
  • Contact email or phone number
  • Nature of visit -  (for the external NMH support workers you will need to advise the name of the student whom you are meeting)

These bookings need to be made in advance to allow time to process the request. On arrival, they would go to building reception where they will be provided with a pass. The pass can then be presented to a member of Learning Centre staff of the helpdesk who will grant them access and advice of any necessary directions as required.

Information about the University’s Policies and Procedures can be found here:

  • Provide guidance on COVID-19 restrictions to all support workers and visitors to the University
  • Ensure an appropriate risk assessment has been carried out for each support worker
  • Provide Professional Boundaries and Disability Awareness training
  • Booking confirmation system – to be agreed between provider and student
  • Cancellation procedure - to be agreed between provider and student
  • Agreeing Timesheet process – to be agreed between provider and student

Working with you to support our students

If you have any questions or feedback about support for students or any questions to facilitate you in your role while at the University please contact the Student Support and Wellbeing Office.

How to contact the Student Support and Wellbeing Team:

For more information, visit:

External Non Medical Helper Guides