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Student Transnational and Research Office - S.T.a.R Office

The S.T.a.R Office was formed in April 2013 to offer a specialist service to an increasingly important part of the University student community:

  • TNE Students (those University of Wolverhampton students studying overseas either at a branch campus or partner institution)
  • Research Students (studying in the UK or overseas in their own country)
  • Students on a designated Distance Learning Course

The S.T.a.R Mission

The mission of the S.T.a.R Office is to ensure that those students who do not fit within the concept of a standard student at the University, are valued equally and provided the same level of student support and customer service as on-campus students.

The S.T.a.R objectives

How we will achieve our mission is by achieving and upholding the following objectives:    

  • To support Faculty requirements in these areas
  • To uphold excellent customer services whether it is electronic, face  to face or by telephone 
  • To provide flexibility in the service we offer
  • Regularly review the quality of processes in place for administration taking a student from application to graduation
  • To continuously work in conjunction with fellow departments to improve services provide