Your Health, Safety and Security


Your experience of the University should be fun and enjoyable. In order to provide a healthy and safe environment the University requires your assistance.

How can you help?

  • Attend any health and safety induction sessions provided by your School, this will provide valuable information on how the University and School looks after your safety.
  • Know the ‘emergency procedures’ for the buildings you will be in and know what to do in the event of a fire/emergency evacuation – is there more than one way out of the building? For students with mobility impairments who may have difficulty in evacuating a building there are specific instructions, which can be provided via the Student Enabling Centre.
  • Find out what your School’s arrangements are for health and safety.
  • Follow those procedures, protocols and codes of practice that are already established – they are there to help and protect you.
  • Report all accidents and incidents and know who to report them to.
  • Report anything dangerous; do not assume that someone else will deal with it.
  • Familiarise yourself with the First Aid arrangements at the University, the names and locations of your nearest First Aid Officers will be signed around the building(s).


Uniguard is the University's Safeguard app that has many useful features for your safety and welfare, including preregistering your valuable items to allow simple processing of lost and found items.


This service will enable the University to keep you informed during emergency situations.
To access this information you need to download the free Callmy app and follow the unique ID.  
Visit: for details.


To create a safe environment for students, CCTV is used inside and outside the University buildings and our security staff make regular patrols of the premises.
Students and staff are issued with identity cards and are advised to carry personal alarms when travelling to and from the University. Please take  every precaution to help with your personal security  by complying with requests from security staff. Lock doors when you leave a room, report any suspicious occurrences and keep your belongings with you at all times.
Visit: for details.


Everybody’s safety relies on all staff and students to report all activity, suspected or real, of a criminal nature. Incident reporting provides an accurate picture of the level of crime on campus, helps us identify any patterns of activity and enables action to be taken to prevent a recurrence.
If you need to report an incident, you can either contact Security on numbers published around the campus; online at:; or on an Incident Report form from any reception point.

Staying mentally and physically healthy is very important, particularly at times of the year when students are under pressure from their studies.

Obviously maintaining a healthy diet, eating regularly and sensibly will help you maintain a healthy frame of mind. Taking regular exercise is also vital for your physical and mental health.

Registering with a doctor and a dentist:

If you are moving to Wolverhampton from another area or Country, one of the first things you should do when arriving is to register with a GP and a dentist.


Choose the GP you would like to register with (see NHS England website (opens in new window)) and take your medical card with you when you visit. Explain you are a student and ask whether the doctor is willing to accept you as a National Health Service patient. A doctor can refuse to take you on if his/her list is full. If this is the case then simply ask elsewhere.


It is important to see a dentist regularly. Even if you are not having any problems it is worthwhile visiting a dentist, as prevention is often better than cure!


As a student you will be reading more than ever before and it is important that you have an eye test to ascertain any need for glasses, or change of lenses, so don’t neglect your eyesight!

Your University ID Card

You must carry your University ID card with you at all times.

You will need it to enter University premises, including the Learning Centres, computer laboratories and examination rooms. Our security staff are authorised to ask to see a student’s card at any time, so please be ready to show your card whenever asked.

The system is designed to work for the benefit and security of the whole University community.