Money Matters

As a new student, there will be plenty of new responsibilities you have, and some of those involve paying for things – but don’t worry if you have any questions, we have friendly advisors to give you the answers.


Please be aware of students’ individual liability for the payment of tuition fees, irrespective of whether these are paid directly, by an employer or other sponsor or via the Student Loans Company. As your liability to pay tuition fees is linked to attendance points throughout the year, if your circumstances change for any reason that may impact on your attendance or enrolment then you should contact your Faculty Student Services immediately.


If you are personally liable for the whole or part of your fees, please see: for details of how and when to pay.


If you are a full-time student, you may be entitled to a discount or full exemption from Council Tax. Once you are fully enrolled, you will need to request a council tax exemption letter, through e:Vision.
Visit: for more information.