Getting Started

Before you arrive, make sure you have your seven digit Student Number to hand as you will need it to register for various student services.

Your step-by-step guide to becoming a student

STEP 1: upload your photo for your student ID card

All students need a Student ID Card to gain access to University services and buildings, including the Learning Centres, computer laboratories and examination rooms. Follow the instructions to upload your card photo at:
Please note: You must carry your University ID card with you at all times. Our security staff are authorised to ask to see student cards at any time, so please be ready to show yours when asked. 

STEP 2: enrol on your course and register your modules

To enrol, log on to e:Vision and follow all instructions carefully. Visit:

STEP 3: confirm your attendance and identity and receive your university ID card

Once you have completed your enrolment online we need to check your identity and confirm attendance – check e:Vision for your enrolment deadline and visit: for details of your enrolment point. Once you have completed your ID check, you will be fully enrolled and your University ID card will be posted to your term-time address.
It is only after we have confirmed your attendance that you are fully enrolled