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Lost Property

To assist in recovering of lost items we advise staff and students to download the University's safeguard app "Uniguard".

As well as many useful features for safety and welfare the app will allow pre-registration of valuable items and simple processing of lost and found.


Please select which Campus the Lost Property is regarding for more information:

City Campus Lost Property

If you find an item that is not yours, please hand it to a Security Officer.

If your item has been found, we will contact you and  you will be given a reference number which you will require (along with your ID card) to claim your property; you will be given instructions on how to claim during the phone call or on the email. Please note items can only be collected between 0900 and 1700 Monday - Friday.

Any property not claimed within three months will be disposed of; items that may contain personal information (mobile phones, USB flash drives etc.) are subject to data protection act and as such will be destroyed. All other items are handed to a charity organisation.

Futher more you can report a lost item on IRAMS

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Walsall Campus Lost Property

For more information regarding lost property please contact Walsall Main Reception on 01902 32(3200) between 8:30am and 6:15pm.

Telford Campus Lost Property

Any queries regarding lost property should be directed to the reception staff at the main reception point within The Hutchison (SA) Building.