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This has now been relocated to the Courtyard Kitchen.

The Cornerhouse Deli has a special focus on providing you with the best freshly made and delicious sandwiches, salads, jacket potatoes and soups on our campus.

For sandwiches, choose your preferred bread, choose 3 salad items, 1 filling and add a dressing on top for the perfect finish. Our much loved salads are back too! They're the perfect healthy option. Pick a base from the chiller, choose 4 salad items, choose 1 filling and a dressing for the perfect finish.

Our warm and filling Jacket Potatoes are still as wonderful as ever with a range of hot or cold fillings choices available. And we're always proud of our delicious home made soups, make sure to ask for the soup of the day option too. Our soups can be purchased with your preferred bread.

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Opening Times

Monday - Friday: 8am - 14.30pm

Saturday - Closed


The Campus Store is the one-stop shop selling all essential clothing and stationery items to get you through your time at the University. Located in The Ambika Paul (MD) Building, the Campus Store also sells hot & cold beverages, sandwiches, confectionery, graduation and birthday giftware and other essential items. 

Additionally, products can be purchased online through the online store where product details, images, and pricing information are available to view at any time.

Please click here to visit the online store.

Opening Times

Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 17.00pm

The Forum Grab & Go Logo

The Forum Grab & Go is a new addition to our catering outlets, providing a fantastic and modern environment for customers in the state-of-the-art Lord Swraj Paul (MU) Building. The Forum Grab & Go provides a dual experience. For those looking to grab hot or cold food and drinks on the go, our speedy service from our helpful staff will always ensure you're never held up. Alternatively, for those customers wanting to utilise the large seating space provided, there is always the option of sitting in the seating area and working whilst eating or enjoying time socialising with friends and colleagues. Whichever option you require, The Forum Grab & Go is always the best destination. 

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Opening Times

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 19.00pm

Operating out of term time: 8.30am - 16.00pm