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Pouring Positivity: The Angela Spence Foundation’s (ASF) high tea fit for royalty

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In this blog the Networking & Engagement Lead from the Angela Spence Foundation, Nysha Givans, introduces the aims and ambitions of the foundation, which launched with a high tea event in April. 

On Thursday 18 April 2024, The Angela Spence Foundation in partnership with the That’s Me Project held its first event at the SU Luna Lounge on City Campus.  The event was attended by 18 enthusiastic participants from different faculties across the university. 

You may be curious: What exactly is the Angela Spence Foundation (ASF)? Well, fret not, for I am here to enlighten you. Thanks to the generous support and funding provided by the That’s Me Project, we proudly announce the launch of ASF. This groundbreaking initiative is a community of practice leadership and academic program meticulously designed to nurture the professional and personal growth of Global Majority women embarking on or already immersed in postgraduate studies.

Angela Spence Foundation launch event photo collage of tea and cakes at the SU

At its core, ASF harbours a primary objective – to foster robust connections between our community's students and academic leaders, with a keen focus on building social capital to surmount the myriad challenges faced by Global Majority students, educators, and leaders alike. Through concerted collaborative efforts, our aim is to cultivate a dynamic think tank and ignite a powerful movement towards augmenting the representation of Global Majority female professors in academia, while concurrently forging resilient alliances for the foreseeable future. As proud members of ASF, we vow to harness our collective voices to illuminate the diverse experiences of researchers and to strive towards becoming venerated thought leaders in our respective fields of study.

Embarking on this noble journey, ASF will curate a series of meticulously planned events and activities aimed at uniting our vibrant community of global majority female educators and researchers.

The ASF core goals include:

  • Strategic planning: Formulate and refine the vision, mission, and objectives of the community of practice, ensuring they align with principles of female empowerment and intersectional theory.
  • Leadership: Offer guidance and direction to community members, steering them in their research pursuits and fostering an inclusive and supportive environment.
  • Coordination: Organize and oversee the community's activities, events, and projects, promoting effective communication and collaboration among participants.
  • Resource management: Identify and secure necessary resources, including funding, materials, and expertise, to sustain the community's initiatives and endeavours.
  • Facilitation: Lead meetings, workshops, and discussions within the community, ensuring equitable participation and appreciation for diverse viewpoints.
  • Mentorship: Provide mentorship and assistance to community members, offering advice, feedback, and support for research projects, career advancement, and academic pursuits.
  • Evaluation: Assess the impact and effectiveness of the community's initiatives, utilising feedback, and data to inform future planning and decision-making processes.
  • Advocacy: Champion the interests and concerns of female researchers and scholars within academic institutions, professional circles, and broader society.
  • Networking: Cultivate relationships and collaborations with relevant organizations, institutions, and stakeholders focused on female empowerment and intersectional theory.
  • Representation: Act as ambassadors for the community, promoting its values, achievements, and contributions within the academic and research communities.

The ASF is spearheaded by four core members: Kerensa Hodge, Melanie Law, Jessie Allen, and Nysha Chantel Givans, who collectively will be orchestrating and delivering empowering events, workshops, and activities aimed at propelling Global Majority women in academia towards success and recognition in their fields.

Further events will be communicated via the Doctoral College Newsletter and university bulletin boards.

For more updates, do follow our social media channels: 

Together, let us embark on this transformative journey towards academic empowerment and excellence!

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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