Celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day

As the world unites in celebrating International Women's Day, we take the opportunity to highlight just some of the outstanding successes of our own female academics, students and staff.

The brains behind innovative tumour treatment

Discover some of the life-changing work into cause and treatments of brain tumours that researchers like Dr Tracy Warr and others are carrying out in our Neuro-Oncology Research Centre.


Football takes more than balls

The history of the women’s Beautiful Game goes back further than you think. Jean Williams recently spoke to The Guardian about how a new exhibition at the National Football Museum is showing the impact on British society of women’s football in the 19th century – and beyond. Discover the fall and rise of women's football, told through 10 objects.

Waste not, want not: bioplastic progress

As part of the Biopolymer Research Group at the University, Dr Iza Radecka and the team are making significant contributions towards the global issue of plastic waste, meeting growing demand for a biodegradable plastic.


Can YOU concentrate without technology?

Dr Patricia Davies recently spoke to The Telegraph about the difficulty of capturing children’s attention in the classroom without digital learning techniques.

Transforming mental health perception

Senior lecturer in Mental Health Clare Dickens was recently nominated for a top award at the Thrive Mental Health Commission Awards. Find out more about her award-winning approach to suicide and self-harm prevention, Three Minutes to Save a Life.

Shining a light on caste discrimination

Dr Meena Dhanda has given her expert opinion on caste discrimination in the UK on many forums and panels, recently for the independent documentary, “Caste Aside”. Her research continues to highlight the continuing issue of caste prejudice.

Highlighting hidden homelessness

Professor Kate Moss has published a new book on the topic of rough sleepers, find out more at her forthcoming public lecture: Homelessness: The Hidden Female Crisis.  

Alumna in a million

It’s not just our academics who are inspiring female role models, University of Wolverhampton alumna Val Wright shared her amazing career journey and secrets for success as the speaker at the 2017 Crystal Lecture.

Female students and graduates inspiring the next generation

We love to celebrate the successes of all our students, but for International Women’s Day, it seems fitting that women have the last word, and to shine the spotlight those making waves at, and since leaving University.  

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