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Your online facilities

Wherever you mostly spend your time at University, you'll find our digital support systems and programmes keep you connected to all the vital processes that make your life as a student go smoothly.


You will have already used the e:Vision portal to track your application and enrol but you will also use this regularly for essential tasks during your student journey. This is where you will be able to:

  • ‌‌Register your modules
  • Amend your personal details
  • Check your module grades
  • Apply for extensions or extenuating circumstances
  • Apply for formal letters confirming you’re a student or a council tax or bank letter.
  • Log a Helpdesk call

Your WLV IT account and email

When you enrol, you will be given your own WLV IT account and an email address, giving you access to the virtual learning environment and other internal University systems. 

On the IT Services webpages, you can access a wealth of tools and services such as free Microsoft Office for the duration of your studies, a large variety of self-help guides and IT security support to help you stay safe online. 

For more information, visit: 

Tutors will contact you using your WLV account so it’s important that you login to your email regularly (easily accessed through myWLV). to make things even easier, you can choose to forward your WLV email account to your personal one so you have less places to sign in.


myWLV is available for taught undergraduate  and postgraduate on-campus students and research students.

It delivers information including: timetable, assessment deadlines, email,  CANVAS link, links to key resources (eg. room booking, library  resources, PC availability, printer credit) and many more all in one handy app.

To access myWLV on any device via web browser, visit: and on mobile devices, download the myWLV app available from the Apple and Android app stores. Find out more at: 


Canvas Current Students Button

‌Canvas is where you can access your online learning materials, engage in module activities and collaborate with students and your lecturers.

You will find information and activities related to your modules and programme of study, including co-curricular courses which support your learning. 


SAMS (Student Appointment Management System)

‌Allows you to book time with your lecturers with no hassle; lecturers will make their time available to you and its as simple as one click.  SAMS is accessible at all hours so you can find a time slot at any time of the day.

To access SAMS, follow this link: and log in using your standard University IT details.

Once the appointment is booked, you will get a notification message and confirmation email.

It is important you check your university email prior to the meeting (easily with myWLV), as changes to the location may be made.


Please make sure your personal devices are set to the correct time zone so your calendar doesn't automatically adjust the appointment time to compensate for the time difference and be listed at the wrong time.

Apps Anywhere


Lots of Windows software is available to you no matter what Faculty you belong to on University owned Windows computers across the campuses but there are others that will only be available to a particular Faculty and/or in a particular location, for example a specific campus.

Look for the Apps Anywhere icon on your desktop to access your applications.

For more information, visit:

Connecting to the Wi-Fi

eduroam logo

What is eduroam?

Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure network which allows you to obtain wireless access both at this University and other participating institutions in the UK and worldwide using you own assigned username and password.

  • Go to Wi-Fi in the Settings menu of the device and select the “eduroam” network.
  • If you’re an Android user, in the Identity field enter your Student Number followed by Leave the Anonymous Identity blank.
  • If you’re an iPhone user, in the Username field enter your Student Number followed by
  • Enter your IT account password (the same one you use to access email).
  • Once details are complete, tap the "Connect” (Android) or “Join” (iPhone) option.
  • You may be asked to install a certificate from –please accept or select “Trust” on iPhone.
  • Your device will now be connected to the “eduroam” network.


eduroam is available in thousands of locations across over 70 countries worldwide. From campuses to coffee shops. Click here for an interactive map of countries where you can eduroam.  Find out more about eduroam by visiting their website

Print, scan and copy on campus

In the University you can print, scan or copy using any of the Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) located on the University Campuses. To use an MFD you will need:

  • Your University ID card
  • Enough credit in your print account to pay for your printing.

For more information, including how to add credit to your account, visit:

Rather than wasting time, money and paper by photocopying, you can scan your work and documents to be sent straight to your email at a low cost.