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Exam Clash Guidance

Circumstances in which the Examination Clash Form should be completed

You should download and complete the Exam Clash Form 2017/8 (Word doc 51k)

  • Where one or more exam is scheduled for the same time 
  • Where you have three exams scheduled on the same day, morning and afternoon. 

If you have identified a clash between an exam and an in-class test/time constrained assignment or viva, please inform your module leader for that module. 

Clash forms should be submitted via email to by the given deadline. 


The deadline for submitting examination clash forms is Wednesday 27 June 2018

It is your responsibility to submit your clash form by the deadline.

The University cannot guarantee to make alternative arrangements for any examination clashes received after the given deadline. 

Clash Arrangements

Once you have submitted your completed form and it has been processed, the Exams Office will contact you with instructions for your exams on the day that you have a clash. 

Instructions will be sent to the email address you have provided. It is your responsibility to follow all instructions. 

You are advised to check your emails leading up to your exam clash in case there are any changes.

There will be one specific room that you are asked to go to for that particular day, where you will sit both of your examinations. 

Please note:

  • You will be supervised at all times, including lunch and toilet breaks
  • Use of mobile phones, tablets and any other devices is prohibited (including during breaks)
  • You may not leave the exam clash room without permission
  • You may bring with you refreshments and a packed lunch
  • Revision materials are permitted during breaks (excluding internet access)
  • You may revise and eat your lunch during the period between your morning and afternoon exam.

Download Exam Clash Guidance (PDF)

Regulations & Policy

Please make sure you are aware of the University Examination Regulations before taking your exam.

All other regulations and policies (including Guidance for Extenuating Circumstances) - can be found on the University webpages under Policies and Regulations

Queries relating to Exam Timetable Clashes

If in doubt please contact the Exams Office,

If you have any other queries about your exam(s) please log a helpdesk call via e:Vision, or go to your Student Centre.