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Looking for part time work?

Starting University? Looking for a part-time job while you are studying?

The Workplace can help.

Part-time work is valuable not only for financial support while you are studying, but also to enhance your CV and demonstrate transferable skills to potential graduate employers. The Workplace sources part time jobs ideal for students and advertises them in one place, making them easier to access.  The jobs are vast and varied, with a potential of some being related to the course you are studying.

International students: If you are a current student from outside the EU, you must apply for a national insurance number before you can work in the UK. Please also read our guidance on working regulations for International students studying in the UK. For any enquiries please contact the International Centre at the University of Wolverhampton.

Full details of all vacancies can be found on JobsBoard.

Have you had you CV checked? No? Do it now!

It is crucial that you have your CV checked by our Careers Advisors, before you begin applying for positions to maximise your chance of being successfully shortlisted and called for interview. 

Careers have one-to-one sessions, workshops and online resources to help you prepare yourself for work. Make yourself an appointment today.