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Studying in USA & Asia

The University of Wolverhampton has links with various universities in the USA and a NEW link in India.  This means that our students have the opportunity to study part of their degree in one of our American partner universities or with the new partner in Bhopal, India. 

Students usually choose to study abroad in Semester 1, starting August and ending before the Christmas break, although Semester 2 or year long placements are also sometimes available.

The University of Wolverhampton has links with the following Universities:

How can I get involved?

The initial investigations need to come from you.

  • Take a look through the web pages of these universities to see whether they offer a course similar to the one you are studying here
  • Download specific information on subjects and modules offered

Take that to your academic programme manager who will need to approve, in principle, that the Semester you will be spending away will fulfil the same academic requirements than if you had stayed and studied in Wolverhampton, or that a certain amount of re-jigging with your Semester 2 options here will mean that you can still cover the core areas.

Contact Melanie Harwood ( to arrange an appointment.

How will the The Workplace help me?

  • Go through the application procedure with you, once you have an approved programme of study
  • Send all the necessary documents to the US University
  • Provide a letter of recommendation
  • Be the focal point for all your queries, both before you departure and after you arrive

What do I need to do?


  • Be a full-time, 1st year student (your placement will usually be during Year 2)
  • Have a satisfactory academic record (you must pass Year 1)
  • Arrange and confirm your programme of study with a tutor (see above)
  • Book and attend a visa interview with US Embassy (London)
  • Arrange your travel (after placement is confirmed)
  • Provide proof that you can cover the costs
  • Be committed!

What costs are involved?

For US visa purposes, you will need to show that you have sufficient funds to cover your semester abroad (they will ask for evidence of funds in bank/savings accounts). You will also need to budget for: