"My most memorable year of being an International Business Management student"

Carvina, travelled to Finland for her second year of studies. She was located in Kamppi (Hoas- student accommodation), in the heart of Helsinki, Finland.

"Sincerely, this experience was worth every penny, I has gained so much just by making the step to go abroad. This opportunity has opened many doors in my career path and through this I have found the path I want to focus on when I undertake my Masters."

During her time in Finland, Carvina was attending Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, one of Wolverhampton’s partner universities abroad. Carvina was able to testify that she had an AMAZING time abroad in a different country and will go back for a holiday and visit the friends she left behind there, and is strongly encouraging those that are making their decision whether to go or not. “You never know the worth of something until you try it out”, she quotes.