Writing an academic CV

There are numerous sources in the form of the internet, books, agencies and personal acquaintances that will point you in the direction of the ’perfect CV’. However, there is no such thing as every academic will have different strengths in the form of employment experiences, research, education, , skills, personality, qualities, values, teaching, publications, interests and delivering talks at  a number of conferences, meetings and seminars.

Therefore the CV needs to be individualistic, targeted and subject to flexibility depending on the jobs sought. There is a good range of CV examples on the Vitae website

At the University of Wolverhampton, we have developed two CVs based around the examples on the Vitae site and themes of competencies and academia. They are not meant to be the definitive articles but merely a starting point for new researchers, post doctorates and lecturers who are in the initial stages of their academic career paths.

The only recommendation is that you evolve the CVs to match the job criteria and perhaps change and prioritise the order of headings that the vacancy merits.