Wolverhampton Experience Programme (WXP)

WXP is a new training and placement scheme for current students of the University of Wolverhampton.

Our students have skills that can benefit you as a department and an employer, this not only enhances the student experience of the world of employment but it also has the potential to introduce you to excellent candidates for future graduate and/or full time vacancies.

How does it work?

WXP is a placement and training scheme not employment; students receive a training allowance equal to the National minimum wage. No tax or National Insurance deductions are made.

The programme is designed to introduce students to placement opportunities where they will gain valuable experience to enhance their CV and employability.

Benefits of the programme?

  1. Taking on a student through the WXP scheme means that you get a fully managed service from a dedicated team,
  2. This leaves you free to make the final decision from a shortlist of first class candidates.

How to get involved?

For more information or to benefit your organisation from this fantastic scheme please email: WXPTEAM@wlv.ac.uk or call: 01902 32 1025.