Work experience

The work experience element is a key component of the Enterprise and Employability award. To achieve the work experience element you will need to complete at least 60 hours of work experience.

A guideline on what we count as work experience

Most types of work experience can be counted:

  • Part-time work
  • Casual work
  • Summer work (UK or abroad)
  • Placement (module related or not)
  • Volunteering (module related or not)
  • Self-employment or freelance work  (see below for how to provide evidence of this)
  • Live briefs (module related or not)
  • Work shadowing

Your work experience can be paid or unpaid.  You can count work experience that you are also counting towards a module. If you are unsure whether your work experience can be counted towards the Wolverhampton Enterprise and Employability Award, please ask us.

Logging 60 hours

You can count 60 hours from one job or 60 hours from more than one work experience with different organisations. If you have been working for an organisation for a while before you start the award, you can count 30 hours retrospectively. The date you start the award is counted either from when you register with the Careers and Enterprise Department (if you are not doing the award through your course) or the start of the module (if you are doing the award through your course). You can claim up to 30 hours for live briefs that you are completing through a module. You must provide evidence to prove that you have completed 60 hours through completing the Work Experience Time Log form. Complete one form per organisation with whom you undertook the work experience.

Evidence of self-employment

If you have decided to count hours of self-employment or freelance work towards the 60 hours you need for the award, you will of course not have an employer to sign your time log for you. Therefore you will need to supplement the time log with all of the following evidence:

  • registration of your business with HMRC;
  • a copy of an invoice to a client, detailing the service or product you have supplied;

If you have successfully completed a 6 month SPEED Plus project, this automatically meets all the criteria for the 60 hours of self-employment.

Finding work experience

If you would like to work towards the Enterprise and Employability Award but you are not involved in work experience at the moment, we will try to help you find a suitable opportunity to apply for, and we can help you with the application; however, we can't just 'give' you work experience!  Please visit the The Workplace to find out about our part-time job vacancies and volunteering opportunities.  You can also check out opportunities on our Jobs and Events database and through the Volunteer Central site.

What does the task reflect?

This task shows that you have experienced a professional work setting. The majority of employers will expect you to have worked in some capacity because this shows that you have an understanding of how to behave in a professional manner, for instance how to be reliable, punctual and polite. Work experience also shows that you can put into action important skills required for the work place. As such, having experience of work is an important part of employability.

What is it assessing?

Time spent in a professional work environment.