This task involves delivering a short presentation or business pitch (approximately 5 minutes) to demonstrate a range of employability skills.

Employers almost always demand the following skills and qualities from graduates:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Good written and spoken communication skills
  • Confidence
  • Professional appearance and behaviour
  • Ability to organise, analyse and present information effectively
  • Enthusiasm and energy

The presentation task is a way for you to practise and demonstrate these key employability skills.

Option 1: Presentation

What will my presentation be about?

Your presentation will be about your own employability and will test your ability to: identify your skills; select the most relevant ones to your career plan; and give evidence of how you have developed and demonstrated the skills, along with your plans to develop them further. The current topic to prepare is:

"What makes me employable in my chosen career?"

Preparing an effective presentation on this topic will serve as good preparation for questions you are likely to face at interviews for graduate jobs.

Note: Presentation topics may vary if you are completing the award as part of a module, where your tutor may select the topic.

Option 2: Business Pitch

A business pitch is usually delivered when an enterpreneur is presenting or describing their ideas to potential investors in order to obtain funding.

The pitch should give an overview of the main points of your business plan and get the right people interested in your business. If you have a physical product to show, examples of your work, etc please do - we love to see what you have done.

It is usually followed by a question and answer session. You should cover topics such as:

  • Introduction  - you, your credentials and the business name
  • Opportunity/ problem your business is going to solve
  • Solution/ business idea
  • Market
  • Competition
  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Business model – how do you plan to generate income?
  • Funding requirements

What are the criteria for assessment?

Whichever option you choose, you will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Your dress and appearance
  • Your body language
  • The way you speak and the language you use
  • The structure of your presentation, which should have a clear introduction, main body and conclusion
  • The appropriateness of the information you choose to present
  • Whether your content adequately answers the question
  • Your timing
  • Visual aids you use, including PowerPoint
  • How effectively you engage your audience

Where and when will I be assessed?

When you are ready to have your presentation assessed, email to arrange the assessment

If you are completing the award as part of a module, your presentation or pitch may be delivered in a timetabled session.

What help is available?

See our webpage on presentation skills for more information. You can discuss your presentation with a duty careers adviser before you are assessed. If you are anxious about speaking in public you might find our Dealing with Nerves guide helpful.  The AGCAS DVD At the Assessment Centre contains useful sections on presentations; you can arrange to watch it in the Careers Centre by contacting us on tel: 01902 321414 or calling into the Centre.

If you don't pass the assessment first time, you can get further help from an adviser then take it again when you feel ready.

What does the task reflect? How is it relevant to your employability?

This task has been included to reflect the kind of situations that you are likely encounter during the recruitment process or when starting up a business. You will almost certainly have to undertake some kind of interview when applying for jobs where your communication skills (both verbal and non-verbal) will be assessed. It is also becoming increasingly common, particularly for graduate roles, for candidates to be asked to prepare a presentation as part of the recruitment process.

Aside from the recruitment process, presenting forms an important part of many jobs, whether as a formal presentation or presenting ideas to colleagues in a meeting. This task will help you to develop the skills needed by going through the process of preparing and delivering a presentation or pitch to an audience. Very few people are naturally highly skilled presenters. Actually going through the process of preparing and delivering presentations, and gaining feedback is the best way to improve your presentation skills.  Completing this task will help you to start developing these skills and increasing your confidence.

What is it assessing?

This task is assessing your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, ability to structure content and effectively address a given brief.