Your Portfolio

If you are doing the silver or gold award you will need to compile a portfolio once you have completed the tasks. A portfolio is a collection of work which demonstrates your skills and achievements.  

The information below is aimed at students and graduates who are completing the silver or gold award as an optional, extra curricular activity (not through a module). If you are completing the award through a module your tutor should be able to advise you on what to include, how to present and how to submit.

What to include

You need to include items to show you have completed the tasks that make up the award. These include your:

  • Work experience log sheet
  • Work related study
  • Careers action plan
  • Skills analysis
  • Written application
  • Feedback sheet that you were given after completing the presentation task, together with a copy of your slides (if used)  

Remember that, to gain the silver award, you will need to include 4 out of the 6 tasks. To gain the gold you will need to include 6 out of the 6 tasks.

The portfolio is intended to act as a tool kit of resources that will be useful to you as you develop your career. You may therefore choose to include extra items which may be useful to you, but which are not required to gain the award. For example:

  • Research you you have conducted into your chosen career
  • Careers Centre information booklets or webpages
  • Sample CVs or personal statements that you have collected
  • Notes you have made (eg about your career options or your strengths and weaknesses; discussions you have had about your career with careers advisers; diary of activities during work experience)  
  • Your academic certificates
  • References from employers

How to present

You can present your work either in paper based form or electronically.

Paper based 

Present your work in a folder. If you have chosen to include lots of extra items in addition to the items that make up the award, consider adding dividers so that it is easy for the assessor to flick through.

Make sure you include a cover sheet at the front with your name, student number and contact details.

In electronic form

Save each document with a title that includes your name, student number and the title of each piece.

How to submit

Submit paper based portfolios by dropping into the Careers Centre, MD building (next to the Harrison Learning Centre)

Submit electronic portfolios by emailing your documents to

How your portfolio will be assessed

Your portfolio will be assessed by staff in the Careers and Enterprise Department. We will let you know whether you have passed and give you some written feedback. If you do not pass we will let you know what you need to change and you will be able to resubmit.