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Enterprise and Employability Awards 

Our Enterprise and Employability Awards are a brand new way for students to gain recognition for their skills and experience. 

Through the awards you can also develop and demonstrate new skills to impress employers and help you plan to set up and run your own business.  We run two versions of the award: the Wolverhampton Employability Award and the Wolverhampton Employability and Enterprise Award. 

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About the Employability Award

Employers want more than just your degree; they want evidence that you have a range of skills and qualities that will enable you to be an asset to their organisation right from day one.  We know that many of you are already involved in work, volunteering or community activities which give you these skills and qualities.  This award has been designed to help you gain the recognition you deserve.

We are already working with employers to make sure that the award is something they will recognise and value.

About the Enterprise and Employability Award

This version of the award not only develops your employability skills, but also showcases your enterprising nature.  An aptitude for enterprise is not only key if you wish to start up your own business in the future - it is highly valued by employers too.  They often look for intrapreneurs when recruiting new staff; intrapreneurs are people with the skills of an entrepreneur who can bring these important qualities into the workplace for the benefit of a business.

What does it involve?

The Wolverhampton Employability Awards are flexible to suit your needs and commitments.  To achieve the award you will:

  • Participate in one of our Getting Started induction workshops to find out more and register for the awards;
  • Gain at least 60 hours of work experience, volunteering or self-employment;
  • Give a short presentation on your skills and career plan;
  • Analyse your skills and experience and market them in a high standard graduate CV;
  • Carry out a study on a job, organisation or industry, or write up your business plan;
  • Produce a careers action plan to help you focus on your next steps;
  • Have the option to attend a wide range of careers workshops, including our targeted Employability Award Chunks sessions, which focus on individual award tasks;
  • Access support from careers advisers, employment, placement and volunteering specialists, and our Enterprise Department;
  • Compile a portfolio which will act as a useful toolkit for future career planning and job seeking.

You can spread your work towards the award over an academic year or over the University vacation and the first few months of the following semester.

How do I get started?

Find out more about how you can go forward with the Employability Award, including details of what you need to do to get it and the support we provide. 

Find out more about how you can go forward with the Enterprise and Employability Award, including details of what you need to do to get it and the support we provide. 

Book a place on one of the Enterprise and Employability Award Induction Getting Started workshops which will normally run between September and November, and between April and June.  Booking is essential as places will be limited.  At the end of the workshop there will be the opportunity to go ahead and register for the award. 

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